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casa and it’s new “regulations”

An example of the new regs and some of the explainatory documents:

GM 42.040 (1) – Aircraft authorised to operate under AOCs and large aircraft must have continuing airworthiness management organisations – Aircraft authorised to operate under air transport AOC Subregulation 42.040 (1) requires the registered operator of an aircraft that is authorised to operate under an air transport AOC to be approved as a CAMO for the type and model of the aircraft.

An air transport AOC includes an AOC issued for a purpose mentioned in paragraph 206 (1) (c) of CAR 1988, which is also known as a RPT AOC.

Under subsection 4A of CAOs 82.3 and 82.5, if an Australian aircraft is authorised to operate under a RPT AOC, then the AOC holder must also be the registered operator of the aircraft.


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