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#casa allegations against RAAUS pilot – already punished by RAAus

#casa allegations against RAAus pilot

A short investigation shows that Shayd Hector:

  • Was certificated by RAAus as a pilot;
  • Did have an engine failure and was rescued;
  • Already punished by RAAus with a lengthy suspension of his certificate.

Apparently, #casa lodged paperwork only a few days before the last possible day for action in the matter in the Tasmanian Court.

Remember John Quadrio who had seven (7) unspecified criminal charges laid against him almost 2-years after the #casa allegations were made in December 2008.

Reckless flying charge for pilot who ditched ultra-light plane in Bass Strait


The pilot of an ultra-light aeroplane that ditched in Bass Strait off Tasmania’s north-east coast two years ago has been charged with reckless flying.

Shayd Hector of Tingira Heights in New South Wales is charged with the reckless operation of an aircraft, flying an aircraft without a licence, and consuming alcohol within eight hours of flying an aircraft.

The Commonwealth prosecutor alleges the offences took place at or near Bridport on October 28, 2013, endangering the life of Hector’s passenger, Joel Nelson.

The pair were rescued from the sea near Waterhouse Island that afternoon after their ultra-light plane crashed into the sea.

After the crash, they described clinging to debris fearing they could be attacked by a shark.

Hector did not enter pleas and was ordered to return to the Launceston Magistrates Court in February.

Pilot accused of drinking, flying faces court

A NSW man accused of having flown an aircraft after drinking alcohol has appeared in court.

Shayd Hector, 25, of Tingira Heights, near Newcastle, faced the Launceston Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

He is accused of having recklessly operated an aircraft, having flown an aircraft without a licence and having piloted an aircraft having consumed alcohol during the eight hours immediately preceding departure.

Defence counsel Emily Judd told the court she was appearing on behalf of NSW lawyer Spencer Ferrier and requested a first appearance adjournment.

Commonwealth prosecutor Megan Hickton said two of the counts were indictable and that could be addressed on the next occasion.

Magistrate Reg Marron adjourned Mr Hector’s matter to February 9 at 9.45am.

“I don’t often see these matters,” he said.

The allegations arose in Banks Strait, off the North-East Coast, on October 28, 2013.

The ultralight aircraft had left from Bridport.

Tassie tutor praises ultra-light plane pilot’s prowess after amazing rescue from Bass Strait crash

Ultra-light plane crash

Pilot Shayd Hector arrives in Launceston for treatment yesterday after surviving an ultra-light plane crash ordeal in Bass Strait. Picture: Ross Marsden

A TASMANIAN man who taught the young pilot involved in an ultra-light plane crash over Bass Strait to fly has praised his student’s courage under pressure.

Pilot Shayd Hector and passenger Joel Nelson, both 23 of Newcastle, were flying between Bridport, in north-east Tasmania, and Flinders Island yesterday afternoon when the plane’s engine failed and they were forced to ditch into the sea.

Plunging into icy cold water, the pair survived the ordeal by blowing up two inflatable air mattresses on board the compact aircraft.

Saved by an air mattress

Eugene Reid, who owns Freedom Flight at George Town, said the brave actions of his former student had made him proud.

“As far as I know, it’s the first time anyone has survived a plane crash in the Bass Strait since World War II,” Mr Reid said.

“A lot of it’s to do with the EPIRB and them being able to accurately locate them quite quickly.

“They also managed to blow up the lilos themselves, though I hear they were only half blown up and taking in water and they tied them together with a spare life jacket.

“So it was the distress beacon and their life jackets — which they managed to get on while undoing their seat belts and exiting the plane — that saved them.”

Mr Reid said when he was teaching Mr Hector to fly he suggested putting an air mattress in each wing of the plane because it was an early model aircraft and it would help with floatation.

But the tutor never imagined they would one day be used as life rafts.

The rescue operation involved numerous planes and boats from a range of organisations.

Mr Hector first contacted air traffic controllers at Air Services Australia, who alerted the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

Planes from Tasmania, Victoria and the Royal Australian Airforce flew to the area, along with two helicopters and a Sharp Airlines passenger plane.

Three police boats and a yacht also joined the rescue effort, with Flinders Island police reaching the pair just before 5pm.

They were winched to safety by an Ambulance Victoria plane and taken to the Launceston General Hospital with mild hypothermia and minor injuries.

Released from hospital last night, the pair flew back to their home in Newcastle today on a commercial flight.


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