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#casa 2016 annual report released – but no fanfare

The 2015- 2016 #casa annual report was released last week [w/e 28th October 2016] and although a dry publication trying to dress up an old dog is worth ploughing through the droll 236 pages.

There is the usual misuse of statistics and the treatment of the #colmarbrunton report is hidden from the annual report and there are the usual trite remarks.

This is a very significant report as it demonstrates that things just got worse under Skidmore, with a maximum positive ranking of #casa by the industry of 48%.

A fail by any standard.


The reference by #casa to this damning report is in part shown below:

ar-2016One can only fail to be impressed that #casa, who had the report since November 2015, would not have been able to put this up in it’s entirety.

The #colmarbrunton report is a true mirror of what is bad in the #aviation regulator and

What can now only be fixed by introduction of the US-FAR’s.

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