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Carmody called out in failing to understand Aviation.

The latest Australian Flying has a Letter-to-the-Editor which calls into doubt the way Shane Carmody is “…doing business…” It seems that “….nothing to see here…” reigns supreme and he still does not “get aviation”.


Questions being asked Shane Carmody


The Editor,
Australian Flying,

Dear Sir,

I have this month’s copy of Australian Flying, which I enjoy greatly, however, the article at page 77 by new CASA CEO Shane Carmody demonstrates just how out of touch CASA is with the industry.

I have been a keen observer of the relationship of the aviation industry and been to “Safety Seminars” around Australia over the past 20 years, since commencing my aviation licence training.

At each of these seminars and in seeking information from CASA by FOI, letter, phone call or personal representation, I have found an organisation unwilling to engage with industry.

A regulator who cannot even make out a safety case for a particular proposal such as the “cable issue”.

A regulator who relies on the Act at section 9 to justify an action or inaction rather than providing risk management protocols.

The industry is in a parlous situation and it needs proper action and industry involvement, not micro management and poor regulations such as the infamous Part 61.

A bunch of expensive videos don’t cut the mustard.

Name withheld

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