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Can MH370 be found? What of the ATSB and CASA involvement?

Is ATSB the correct organisation to find and lead the search?

Certainly the SAR [Search and Rescue] is the responsibility of the ATSB thorough the enabling legislation. However, to look at the record of ATSB in recent times, gives another impression, with the ATSB refusing / or unwilling to lift the CVD in the relatively waters around Norfolk Island.

The Senate inquiry, which found in 27 recomendations, that both the regulator [CASA] and the safety investigator [ATSB], were negligent in the handling of the “PelAir” incident”, where the people involved are still being either castigated [pilot] or still un-compensated [Flight nurse]. The recommendations led to the ASRR [Aviation Safety Regulatory Review] by David Forsyth.

On this basis alone, ATSB would not be a suitable body to lead the search.

Where are we with this now [2nd November 2014]??

1. ATSB diverts the attention to the Canadian TSB, for them to “review” the ATSB report in a very limited form in July 2013;

“Report with the Minister”

2. CASA not only “sits on it’s hands” by no acknowledgement of the Senate review, it forces through very un-popular and expensive changes to it’s regulations – most notably Part 61;

3. The ASRR report is made public in May 2014;

3. The Minister does not act on the ASRR;

“Implementation with the Minister”

4. The CASA CEO resigns in February 2014, yet remains rudderless until the the appointment [feet not under the table yet!] of Skidmore on Thursday 30th October 2014, some 8 months later. Speculation of continuing control by McCormick cannot be ruled out, when the Senate estimates is viewed of the CASA performance and particularly the ‘stand-by’ CEO Terry Farquartson.

“Slow action by the Minister”

Is there a way forward??

An observer must have serious concerns as to how the aviation industry can work in Australia. The following questions should be asked:

  • What effect is back-room interference being used to de-rail the industry needs?;
  • Is there a serious attempt to derail all GA [General Aviation]?;
  • Can the public have any confidence in either the regulator [CASA] or the investigator [ATSB].



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