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The following was in the Australian on 6th December 2013:

The question is whether the panel will be compromised or will pass information from “complainants” direct to CASA. Remember Senator Xenephon’s concerns on 18th November 2013, when Senator Xenophon said:

Senator XENOPHON: If there is evidence given to the panel would it be covered by any form of privilege? That is very important. If it is not covered by privilege you may find that people are not prepared to come forward to give evidence.

Mr Mrdak: Clearly, the panel will have to establish arrangements, particularly for taking evidence where people wishto protect certain confidential material. That is one of the areas the department will work—

Senator XENOPHON: Confidentiality is difference from privilege, though.

Mr Mrdak: I do not think a panel of this nature could offer privilege in the same way that the parliament can.

The concerns are still there and are substantiable from the affected aviation community.






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