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Cairns to Canberra Caravan reaches the Capital for meetings

The caravan always had it’s objective to go to the Senate estimates and meet with senior CASA personell.

These objectives were met, with Senators Sterle and Heffernan coming to the group during a break. One member had met with Senator Heffernan in the past, but had not had the opportunity to meet Deputy Chair Sterle.

Senator Sterle was part of the discussions about a range of serious issues that affect aviation. The regulator is implicated in these very serious submissions on Monday evening, with the submissions covering dozens of occurrences, where the regulator is either mis-using it’s powers or being so obscure with the use of the regulations that it is impossible to comply.

The effect of the mis-use of it’s powers is legendary. The Quadrio affair, the Rudd Tail, Maules galore, PelAir, Lockhart River, improper influence of atsb reports.

The real concern of retribution was apparent through the trip, reports Mr. Rudd.

Some of the matters discussed seriously influence the future of aviation in Australia.

The Visit to Canberra:

casa - furtzer street

Aviation House Canberra – on a Sunday afternoon – Lights seen on in the 8th Floor:

2014-10-19 16.54.01 (Medium)

Before Canberra, Tamworth had been visited:

2014-10-17 09.56.56 (Medium)







Not a lot of cars present for a Friday and the caravanners say, no-one came out from the building when the vehicle was parked for a “picture opportunity”.

2014-10-17 09.57.16 (Medium)


The effect of people attemting to derail the effect of people having a democratic say in Australia about their [and others] views on the parlous state of aviation in Australia is being influenced in a prominent blog-site – PPRUNE.org.

Have a read of the replacement posts and the thread being locked down after just 5 hours of commencement.

The previous thread, which followed the caravans progress had over 8500 reads after just 15 days, but was subject to serious troll activity, which is traceable to a small number of offenders.

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