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Cairns to Canberra anti-corruption caravan to attend Senate Estimates.

I found the [following post on pprune] just now.

It is something that requires full support and I understand the “caravan” should make it to Canberra just in time to make the Senate Estimates public hearings on 20th October 2014.

The caravn certainly makes some incisive comments about matters that must be fixed.


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Cairns to Canberra Anti Corruption Caravan

My undertanding is the the Caravan to Canberra, talking to all people, is continuing to gather information that neither casa or atsb is trustworthy.

The caravan, is sign written to show, examples of “em-buggerance” of the industry.

The visual attrationof the vehicle, actually caused some-one to tell the “caravanners” some further casa horror stories, when the parson chased down the caravan.

The rear of the vehicle calls for a judicial inquiry or a Royal Commission into:

  • Corrupt nature of the un-fettered regulator;
The caravan is making comment on a range of important issues to the broader public.

Pictures of the vehicle are to follow.

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