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Byron and McCormick resignations from CASA – Do these seem similar??

The following are the resignations for the two CASA CEO’s.

The similarity of the two is somewhat interesting, albeit some six years apart. The mess that has resulted in PelAir, Part 61, 145 etc and the complete and almost total loss of confidence in CASA [and ATSB] by the aviation industry.

This can really be placed on this decision to allow a person who is leaving to be so heavily involved in the process of appointing and annointing the next person.

How can a Board with such supposed “qualifications” as Dr. Hawkes and the others, allow this situation to continue.

The industry will see this for what it is – a disaster continuing.


Friday 14 November 2008
The Hon Anthony Albanese MP


To return to today’s activities, I’d like to say that I am pleased to be here in the company of Bruce Byron. As you all know, Bruce is soon to step down as CEO. Bruce has been working with myself and my Department to choose his successor, which we will announce in the near future. In the mean time, I amdelighted Bruce has agreed to continue in his current role for a short time until the Government formally decides on CASA’s new CEO.


The Chair of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Board, Dr Allan Hawke, has today [Friday 7th March 2014] announced that Mr John McCormick will not be seeking a further term of appointment as Director of Aviation Safety.

Mr McCormick has, however, agreed, to the Board’s request to stay on in the position until 31 August 2014. This will allow for an executive search process to fill the position and enable the Director to assist the Board’s initial consideration of the Government’s Independent [ASRR] Review of Aviation Safety Regulation scheduled to be completed around the end of May.

Director of Aviation Safety Resignation March 2014


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