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British flyer to take a Stearman from England to Sydney

Tracey Curtis Taylor is due to leave Britain’s Farnborough on October 1st 2015.

This is to trace the route shown below and in the footsteps of Amy Johnson.

Tracey’s flight is in honour of Amy Johnson and her epic solo flight to Australia in 1930 which
astounded the world. Where possible, Tracey will be following Amy’s route and reliving the
story of her dramatic adventures, reckless bravery and one of the greatest solo achievements
in history.

It is also pays tribute to the many courageous pioneering aviators of the 1920’s and 30’s who
prepared the way for air travel as we know it today.

As with the Africa expedition, the flight to Australia will recreate the essence of the period; open
cockpit, stick and rudder flying with basic period instruments and a short range between landing
points which will involve frequent stops in some remote parts of the world.

Farnborough is an important icon in aviation history – the bouncing bomb and the machine firing through the propeller are two important advances made there. The Comet investigations and a huge range of innovative engineering [aviation] firsts occurred at Farnborough.

All the more poignant when some of your own family are involved.




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