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Bankstown Airport – What is the legal position??

Bankstown Airport – What is the legal position??

There has been on-going issues with all the “secondary airports” since the Government of the day decided to “lease” them.

Questions must arise as to who has benefit from the “sale”??

Does the benefit roll-back to those involved in the decision-making process??

Who was involved at the time??

Some that spring to mind are Martin Dolan [working and responsible for the “sale”], with Alan Hawkes [Head of Department at the time].

Where are they now:

Hawkes left the Department to Mike MrDak and moved onto the Board of ACTEW [ACT – Electricity and Water] and the CASA Board [Current Chair]. Martin Dolan goes to ComCare, then ATSB Commisioner [No aviation experience, except the airport “sales”]

Current Position:

Look at the current submission made by the Shopping Centre Council of Australia. It raises the issue that the master plan is illegal, the proposals being illegal under section 32 of the Airports Act and inconsistent in terms of effect to planning instruments.

This could not make it plainer that BAL/ Macquarie Bank are attempting to misuse the Acts and for something which can only be to make an unlawful gain.

BK - submission__________________________________________________

Associated documents:

Indemnity-BAL CAL August 09

Hansard – Senate_2014_12_04_3109_Official.pdf;fileType=application_pdf

BK Internal road http-__wopared.aph.gov.au_senate_committee_rrat_ctte_estimates_sup_1213_infra_td_2



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