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AVMED Page commenced on 16th January 2015

1-doctorThis page is a support to people who are having issues with their medicals and wish to contact someone to assist them.

We know there are other support forums, but with Pooshan Narvarthe finally “leaving CASA”, the effects of the tenure must not be forgotten.

Please join our group, by subscribing to the AVMED forum, even if you are only interested in the CVD portion.






We can be reached on e-mail at avmedhelp[@]gmail.com. Please be prepared to confirm your details and then we can work together.

If you enter your e-mail in the subscription page [appears on any page you access], we will verify you, assign a password, then give you access to a private section of the site, which can only be accessed with a password to share your experiences.

Enter protected site area here.


The Colour Deficiency group have made huge inroads over the past two[2] years, with their own web-site.


AOPA reply to AVMED discussion page: