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AvMed – CASA folds on Class 2 allowing DAME’s to issue

So McCormick [24th February 2014] in Senate estimtes says they will now allow DAME’s to issue Class 2 certificates [PPL holders].

What a back down.

The questions by Senator Fawcett continues to search for the person  responsible for the CVD issues. CASA refuses to answer again.

The Senator has gone to that there are no recorded incidents of CVD problems resolving to accidents over past 20 years in Australia.

He asked: “Where is the safety case [for CVD]??” and then calls into doubt McCormick’s answer about a US 727 case. McCormick then goes on to obfusicate about some British material [which is academically derived] and what CASA is up to.

McCormick ducks the question again as to a “..valid safety case..”, then Senator Fawcett reveals a January letter withdrawing a pilot’s certificate on the basis of CVD.

McCormick says he knows nothing about the letter.

Is it not true the “personality is changed, not the actuality” Senator Fawcett asks of McCormick.

However, McCormick does not let up at all, refusing to answer.

Senator XENOPHON questions McCormick:

Has a response been prepared to PelAir – Mrdak saves McCormick and says report to be tabled next week.

Weather responsibility [Mildura incident] – no regulatory position with the Met. Bureau by CASA. Serious look at the issue says Mrdak.

Cheryl Allman [another acter in position] says that there is confusion in the operation of things such as AWIS and met. reports. Leaves process with RAPAC meetings as to problems and wx related problems.

More to come:

Farquarson and McCormick get queried on jet aircraft endorsements, McCormick says there is no money allocated to the positions or position number. Farquarson does not answer.

Wants to know CASA flying [via CFO Craig Jordan] budget says $2.3m spent on “technical staff” flying time. For each aircraft type above 5700kg, CASA have a qualified FOI, says McCormick and a lot goes into simulator training.

Pro-bono issues of AOC holders and training raised – McCormick pops out to say “shares an element of costs…”

McCormick endorsed A380 he says, but not current and there may be two people with A380 endorsement – said he would take on notice.

Another QON!!

McCormick justifies Part 145 with Singapore.

Jonathon Alleck – weighs in on AOC holders and the actual holder of the AOC. McCormick goes to CAA 28BE[?] and says it is responsibility of the Company CEO.

Regulatory Reform:

Part 42 [part 202] exemption for a “CAMO” [Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance] – Senator Fawcett draws the problems in the regs.

Peter Boyd answers, that part 42 – “there are intentions only for the RPT operators”, not for Charter operators.

Boyd says that 5 discussion papers issued [so everything must be OK!!!] – appears to be very unsure of where this is going.

There is complete non-confidence in the answers made by the panel from CASA, based on the direction of the questions by the Senators.




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