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AVMED and CASA delays – Are these still occurring??? Trainee medical students used to clear backlog

The following was reported in the last SCC minutes:

Delays being experienced for flight crew medical renewals

Gavin Turner (QLD Government Air Wing) reported that he had raised this item because pilots within his organisation had experienced significant delays getting their Class 1 medicals renewed, and that he himself had had to operate on a Class 2 medical before his licence renewal had come through.

Gavin went on to say that he had been told by CASA’s AVMED section that some of the delays occur because of the wait for final reports from specialists, and the subsequent need to marry-up the resultant paperwork. Gavin reported that he had been advised that Qantaslink had been faced with cancelling flights once a fortnight because of delays caused both by CASA, and the attendant paperwork.

Members mentioned that the DAME Handbook is out of print and queried how this could occur.

Other member organisations, including the SAAA, GAPAN, AAAA, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Airservices Australia voiced their comments and concerns at experiencing similar delays, as well as the fact that they have had to send an email to make a time to speak to personnel in the AVMED section.

However, members requested that special mention be made as to the invaluable assistance provided by Sharon Nylen in AVMED.

Peter Fereday (CASA) acknowledged that currently there is a problem in this area of CASA and that he can appreciate the difficulties pilots and air traffic controllers have experienced.

Peter reported that a group of experienced staff had left CASA simultaneous to the time some systems failures had occurred.

For information, Peter stated that the section receives approximately 120 applications per day, the equivalent amount of emails and more than 150 phone calls per day.

He advised that in the intervening period between training new staff to replace the personnel that had left, the section had utilised trainee nurses and medical students from the university on a part-time basis, and that in May the backlog had been cleared.

Peter also said that CASA had contracted experts in service delivery in an effort to improve the efficiency of the process and to reduce the number of steps involved in the renewal of medicals. He said that he is happy to receive emails or phone calls and will go through individual issues with those who contact him.

Peter acknowledged that managing the DAME Handbook is an issue for CASA; there is a wealth of information available on-line but communicating it is an issue, he advised.

Jock Richardson (Qantaslink) thanked Peter for his comments and sought clarification surrounding cases where a pilot does have an existing medical condition, whether any changes to standards would trigger further steps like additional medical tests that pilots have to undergo. Peter’s response was that this was generally not the case.

At the conclusion of this Item, the Chair again asked Members if there were any recommendations to CASA following discussions earlier in the day. There were no recommendations from the members.

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