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There are a whole range of resources on the web. The ones here are those found over time, which are directed at accidents and the media coverage that occurred at the time or afterwards.

B. Registration of Aircraft details


A. General Information:

  1. Kathryn’s Blog – Reports on aviation events, particularly accidents.
  2. The Aviation Herald
  3. ACCR The swiss association of the AirCraft Crashes Record Office
  4. Air Disaster Reports
  5. Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group The AIRCRAFT RESCUE & FIRE FIGHTING WORKING GROUP (ARFFWG) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to the sharing of Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) information between airport firefighters
  6. AirSafe Safety statistics & Information for the airline passenger
  7. Airline Safety A series of in-depth columns about top air safety issues
  8. Air Safety Investigation Resource Reference pages by Michael C. McClure.
  9. Air Safety Research The Source For Aviation Safety Data. Many Aviation Safety Programs start here.
  10. Air Transport Association The Air Transport Association
  11. ASA The Aviation Safety Alliance is a not-for-profit advocacy organization dedicated to enhancing public understanding of the high safety standards and strong safety record of the commercial and general aviation industry.
  12. Aviation Safety Network The net’s first complete air accident site
  13. EASA The official website of The European Aviation Safety Agency
  14. EUCARE EUCARE – a newly established and totally independent European safety warning system – has been developed to collect safety reports on such incidents
  15. FAA NASDAC This website is intended to provide the public with access to several of the principal aviation safety data and information sources the Federal Government uses for various purposes.
  16. FAA Office of Accident Investigation Preliminary Accident/Incident Reports. This page provides access to ten days of preliminary accident and incident data organized into several categories.
  17. FAA Office of Human Factors This service provides the aviation community and other interested users with information about human factors research and applications under the auspices of the National Plan for Civil Aviation Human Factors.
  18. Flight Safety Foundation An independent
  19. Flight Safety Information Exchange This website has been developed by ICAO to provide the aviation community with access to safety related information. Cooperation between States and information exchange are essential elements for the success of any aviation safety-related activity
  20. Fly Safely  The Safety Journal of the European Regions Airline Association
  21. IASA  The australian website Of the International Aviation Safety Association
  22. IFA  An organisation dedicated to improving aviation safety by increasing international communication awareness and co-operation on all aspects of airworthiness particularly Continuing Airworthiness.
  23. ISASI  The Website of International Society of Air Safety Investigators.
  24. JACDEC  The Jet Airliner Crashes Evaluation Centre
  25. NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System  The Aviation Safety Reporting System is a cooperative program established by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of the Assistant Administrator for System Safety