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Aviation effects of Wind Turbines

The following post on pprune, gives a list of issues that should be dealt with the regulator – CASA

Aviation effects of Wind Turbines, as below:

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RFS Operations

If these are removed from Crookwell, having also serious flight time in the region, there will be increased:

  • Costs;
  • Time to response;
  • Risks to pilots and aircraft

Remember, Crookwell is some 1000FT AGL above Goulburn and there are very limited other strips in the area for these RFS operations, which would meet a reasonable safety case.

Further, I believe the issues are:

  1. Has casa properly protected us from the wind turbines?;
  2. Do the wind turbines affect aviation?;
  3. What is the proper distance from an airport;
  4. What protection is being made for the future?;
  5. Is casa being consulted by approving organisations for proper effects on aviation?;
  6. Are the proposers using proper and correct information from aviation savvy people?;
  7. Has CAAct 9A been breached by casa in respect of approvals of wind turbine farms??
  8. How does the movement [without approval] by 385metres in the Crookwell area, affect the actual approval and aviation? and
  9. Was this confirmed [post final approval] OR
  10. Does the constructing company and the approving organisation breach CAAct 9A?

Only thinking.



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