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Aviation and Airports questions in the Senate

Aviation and Airports questions in the Senate

Senator Fawcett:


North/south runway

BK closed end October 2013 due winds

What is department going to do about rectifying this.

Mrdac – Answers that not going to do anything about this.

Relies on Bankstown Master Plan.

Landfill in floodplain area RWY 29

Sen. Heffernan asks for modelling and level of liability due flood plain changes?

Please provide advice on flood plain impact – On notice.

As is Commonwealth land, what approvals?

What about the height of the proposed building at 15metres?

Relies on Bankstown Master Plan again, together with “general oversight by an officer”

Mrdac – “Looking at turbulence”

Concern of proposed development near helicopter movement area – Operator/leaseholder says “Relies on Bankstown Master Plan” proposal is to put warehouses in front of existing airside business.

How is this compatible?

Mrdac/ Wilson says “Don’t know enough about this” .

No DA recieved, but leaseholder says this is covered/ consistent with the “Bankstown Master Plan”.

Allows tacit approval by Federal Government of anything done, even if it interfers with an aviation business.

Wilson relies on active review by industry to Master Plan changes, where things impact on movement areas.

Mrdac – ?? Support of aviation only??

A material effect on training of loss N/South runway.


Does Department support primary use as an airport and long term use supported.

Essendon development

Horricks – – Hospital approval requested [day surgery??]

 Sydney Region:

Rhiannon asks:

Capacity issues Mrdac dodges around on this, blaming previous Govt.

Any new studies??

Airport master plan – due december 2013

PelAir Report:

Sen. Xenophon and compromising air safety, and reference to the panel.

First discussions with panel [4 people] on Thursday 21st November 2013.

Public hearings availability as an open process.

Will panel meet with Senators?? Mrdac – yes

Priviledge – will it be available??

Sen. Heffernan will offer that in a private way under auspices of Senate committee.

Systemic failures are important to solve the problems.

Hobart Airport:

Sterle asks on up-grade [$38m] extend 500m, re-surfacing and relationship with Antartic division.


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