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AUSFLY is on again at Narromine

AUSFLY is on again at Narromine.

A great visit and many still remember the flight by Col Pay of the Wright replica on 11th October 2005 – almost the 10th anniversary!!

Wright Flyer in action (Medium)

 From AirWaves – Aviation Trader:
‘One Sky’ Ausfly 2015 represents significantly more than just a gathering of like-minded people. It is one of the few remaining events on the annual aviation calendar with the potential to draw our industry together and demonstrate that we remain viable, if not vibrant.
We should not dwell too much on the challenges we have all faced in recent years. We ought to come together and demonstrate that these challenges and the adversity we have had to endure in recent years has not destroyed the fabric or our incentive to celebrate all that I good about aviation and all that is great about aviators as a clan.
The SAAA members and executive, as the past will confirm, always do their best to put on a great event and generally achieve the same. They are a willing, tireless and sensible group capable of identifying and promoting the essential elements that make this sort of event work. High on their agenda (and rightly so) will be to create an atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie that delivers ‘good vibrations.’ Hopefully the weather will be kind and the event will draw enough flyers to make this possible.
Add to this the opportunity to learn, share experiences and explore a comprehensive range of products and services presented by some of our industry’s leading brands and you have the makings of a great gathering.
The SAAA team will not want the added pressure that comes from the realisation that this event now appears to stands alone.
There really is no other with the potential for national significance (with the greatest of respect to Avalon), that focuses more directly on the interests of the individual, perhaps no other event that celebrates aviation in that context quite the same way.
The weight of expectation will no doubt be felt by the organising team and we ought to do everything we can to ensure that their interests and their commitment are recognised. We might even be in a position to raise our hands and ask if there is anything we can do to help. Most importantly we should all, if it is feasible to do so, head to Narromine to show our support and give the event appropriate credibility and momentum. It will need plenty of both as it looks tentatively towards the future.
A lot of people work really hard to make Ausfly happen and to provide aviators with a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and informative experience. Remember, some of the ‘brand’ momentum was lost when the event didn’t run last year which means to the clinical observer, that 2015 may well be running from scratch. I don’t feel that way because I acknowledge all that was good about 2012 and 2013 and I know the 2015 event team will have learned from those experiences and will therefore benefit from having ‘runs on the board. This will no doubt be reflected in their approach and presentation.
Let’s hope the weather gods smile (has it ever snowed at Narromine in September?!)

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