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ATSB – Senate inquiry 24th February 2014

Questions to Martin Dolan and ATSB:

The Senators have Senator david fawcett up first.

Senator Fawcett:

TSB Canada [based on PelAir, Canley Vale and heli winching accident] investigation asks Dolan on progress, with final report in May 2014.

Review will occur on standard process says Dolan..

TSB Canada – open to give a briefing to the ASRR panel and Mr. David Forsyth


Can ask for extra funding if there is a major accident.

Senator Fawcett asked if threshold should be lowered inferring issues with PelAir inquiry.

No clear answer by Dolan.


What is the met situation etc with Mildura?? Dolan wants another meeting – March 2014 to sort what happened. Liability of forcasts is being looked at.


Senator Heffernan asked why investigation not continued in the case of a major carrier.

Dolan says “We have a long term co-operation with Indonesia with training..” Dolan throws the fireworks incident off into security.

Mrdak then comes in to rescue Dolan.

 Senator Xenophon:

Who has TSB contacted with regards to PelAir?? Mrdak goes to QON.

Flight data recorder – PelAir says that there were no “safety benefits” for retrieval or re-opening PelAir investigation.

Dolan stands by earlier statement: “That there is not enough information from the Senate inquiry to justify anything that was critical enough to re-open inquiry”.

Heffernan goes to the problem of Critical incident to Low – Dolan does not comment.

Dolan says that 3 ATSB Board members considered matters on PelAir properly and:

Dolan falls to “…appropriate response…” in answering Senator Xenophon, “We cannot withdraw a report, but can ammend a report”

Is this Caesar judging Caesar?? asks Senator Fawcett.

It is a matter given to the ATSB and we will decide, Dolan continues.

Xenophon goes to public confidence in the ATSB; Dolan says “I understand the concerns, but ATSB will look after issues in the act”

The three Commissioners have the responsibility to make the decisions on PelAir and will consider the TSB [Canada] report.

Mrdak comes to the rescue again, saying that the TSB referring will “reveal all”.

Senator Fawcett goes to the Chamber’s report and says this is most important factor in the PelAir ATSB report – Mrdak rescues Dolan again.

Concern and the committee is clear that the ATSB / CASA witheld information and this influenced the ATSB report.

Dolan says TSB review is limited to a review on documents and individuals involved in the PelAir inquiry and report. Dolan has limited the inquiry by TSB – Canada and TSB to meet the terms of reference.

This goes to adequacy of the review and ATSB inquiry, and ATSB has not thought it nessesary for TSB to talk to PelAir “stakeholders” in the accidents.

Dolan throws all responsibility to TSB – relying on this being a “Peer review”, passing ALL responsibility onto TSB Canada.

Dolan is expecting a draft report from TSB- Canada before Easter.

 Review by Committee and other stakeholders:

Is this to happen??

Senator Xenophon asks – What of proceedural fairness??

Mrdak saves Dolan again.

Senator Fawcett: CASA oversight deficient – was this considered??

Only on “the papers” says Dolan.

Dolan seeks to cover CASA as to the Chamber’s report – Senator ?

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