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Whyalla VH-MZK – 2002

I have been uploading a range of articles on this accident, which show that there are still a lot of questions to be answered in this, particularly the action by CASA in it’s action against Whyalla Air, where it suspended the AOC without proper cause.

The problem here is the effect of the CASA action without any evidence, then CASA’s refusal to re-instate the AOC following the evidence that subsequently was found, where the evidence went to a failed crankshaft and the failure of the manufacturer and the regulator in identifying the risk of operation.

The crankshaft in this engine failed, based on further investigation.

Andrew Gallagher makes a very good summary of the matter and the final promulgation of the Service Bulletins [SB 550, SB 552, SB 553, SB 566, SB 569, SB 569A] and many of the associated events.



The Whyalla Airlines Accident



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aoc whyalla air 1-6BT10-01

ATSB MZK – aair200002157-A_001

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Whyalla Airlines Piper Chieftain MZK report

Whyalla- B – aair200002157_001

Whyalla senate – 2003 s7228

Lycoming Service Bulletins:

Lycoming SB550 Crankshaft service bulletin

SB547 – Connecting Rod Bearing Replacement on TIO-540-AE2A Model Engines

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