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737 Near Miss 2011

The following should be well understood in aviation risk in Australia:


How AirServices Australia endangered two 737s in 2011

Unless this cycle of adverse findings and platitudes is broken with a major investment in training, and the culling of incompetent managers, it will all end in mass slaughter and an inquiry as to how and why the clearest of warnings of danger in Australian ATC were either ignored or ineffectively addressed.
The risk here is enormous to our reputation of air-travel in Australia.
Further, the issue here is what ATSB said:

What has been done to fix it

Airservices Australia advised that it would develop a training variation form to systematically assess risk associated with amendments to the planned length of controller training programs, and completion of the form required the involvement of the controller’s line manager and the Operational Training Manager. Airservices also indicated several other proposed enhancements to its controller training.


But how much of this is just “spin” with no intent to really fix the matter. As ATSB says, this has been identified for a period of three years.


The full report can be seen at: