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Good reads

Oil Prices


ATSB grilled in the Senate by Heffernan, Fawcett and Xenophon

ATSB + Colour Vision:

Sen Fawcett:

Any investigations on colour deficiencies [none]

ABC Chopper

Relationship [CFIT] at Hamilton Island

Says part 133 almost ready [and by inference, problem goes away] and questions CASA’s intention.

2004 – reccomendation made at that time

What is the definition as a passenger carrying operation.

Dolan attempts to define charter vs. AWK

Sen Fawcett: Good intentions didn’t fix 2004 problem and unlikely to fix 2008 problem.

No power to direct only reccomend [SR’s]

Request ATSB response to PelAir [Mrdac replies – “Take on Notice”]

Overloading of Dromaders:

Dolan says he is focussed on Dromader failures.



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