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Atherton Aero Club monthly meeting

Pilot losses mount in Australia, which puts pressure on the provision of aviation services in the “bush” in particular to very remote areas.

A recent phone call to Charleville reveals there is only one charter operator west of Toowoomba. This situation extends into northern NSW as well.

All is not well for #aviation and we must work to #saveGA due to the negative effects of #casa.


Press Release AOPA – The Future

In Atherton today [15th January 2017], the AOPA Project Eureka Strategy was introduced, to the Aeroclub at their monthly brunch. This strategy was developed over a 18-month period by active participants in aviation.

These include AMROBA [ www.amroba.org.au ], Dr Robert Liddell [Formerly CAsA Head of Medical], a range of AOPA – Australia members who have been trying to deal with a range of problems created by the regulator CAsA which are gradually destroying aviation.

This is exemplified by the loss of at least 34% of GA pilots in past 15 years.

The intention of AOPA Australia is to re-vitalise aviation in Australia.

Project Eureka identified nine separate, but interrelated GA areas, which need bold and innovative policy reform if the Industry is to be revitalised:

1. Flight Regulations and Operations
2. Industry Funding and Taxes
3. Airport and General Aviation Business Security of Tenure
4. Charter and Air work Operations
5. Flight Training
6. Aviation Medicine
7. Airspace Management
8. Engineering/Manufacturing
9. Future Technologies

The aeroclub has it’s monthly meeting on the third Sunday of the month.
AOPA Northern Australia Representative
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