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#ASRR two years on – What has happened??

The “Government response” to the #asrr two years on.

Although published in May 2014, the #asrr report did not get the “Government response” until December 2014.





The #ASRR report by David Forsyth at May 2014:

This comes out throughout the ASRR report and can be best described as a disconnect of the regulator and the investigator with the industry.

And in the executive summary, which was a serious condemnation of both #casa and #atsb has been “pushed aside” by both organisations.

It is time to stop, get rid of the dreadful mess of regulations made by #casa and immediately use the #US-FAR’s

Recently published is Jim Davis’s response, which is in line with the GA industry and highly critical of the regulator and the #casa [#atsb] responses:



Yet Carmody, acting ceo #casa in his address to a RAAA meeting, in part says:

The Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASSR)

  • CASA’s schedule for implementing the Government’s response to the ASRR was embedded into the CASA Corporate Plan and we provide a progress report to the Minister Chester on a quarterly basis.32 of the 37 ASRR recommendations related to the functions and performance of CASA. We have already completed over 20 of these and are making good progress on all remaining recommendations (except the delays agreed with the Minister/industry in making regulations).
  • When I was appointed, Minister Chester made it very clear to me the implementation of the reforms contained in the Government’s response to the ASRR remains the highest priority. The Government expects CASA to complete implementing required reforms by the end of this year, except where CASA and the aviation community have agreed that regulation implementation should be deferred.

And we must individually lobby our local politician’s to show them the mess that #aviation has become, whether it was Minister Chester, Minister Truss or Minister Albanese.

In fact your State Senator is a good place to start.

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