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ASRR – Truss Review and his parliamentary speech

A hot day today sends you to review what Mr. Truss said in Parliament as he announced the review.

In part, it says:


The review will seek the views of the CASA Board and senior management and staff, and the ATSB Commission and senior management and staff in developing its advice to Government on the review’s objectives, and consult closely with:

  • international, domestic, regional, general aviation, sport and recreational aircraft and maintenance operators and organisations;
  • federal, regional and local airport operators;
  • other relevant Government agencies including Infrastructure, Airservices Australia, the Department of Defence and the Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC); and
  • other industry and public stakeholders.

This is a review that favour’s the status quo and a very one sided [I wonder what the Head of Department – Mike Mrdack] formulation of this to protect the minions – CASA, ATSB, ASA.

Certainly needs a re-write to ensure proper balance in the review, plus the on-going problem of the lack of full confidentiality.


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