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ASRR, Senator Xenophon, new CASA Part 175

Part 175:

The new part 175 is another example of the regulator trying to micro-manage the industry.

The following shows the degree to which micro-management occurs. This is one of the issues that should lead to a dis-allowance of this Part.

Division 175.C.6—Data service providers—organisational requirements

175.365 Data service providers—exposition
175.370 Data service providers—organisational structure
175.375 Data service providers—personnel—general
175.380 Data service providers—personnel—accountable manager
175.385 Data service providers—personnel—training and checking system
175.390 Data service providers—safety management system
175.395 Data service providers—facilities, equipment, data and information
175.400 Data service providers—contingency plan
175.405 Data service providers—reference materials
175.410 Data service providers—annual review by accountable manager
175.415 Data service providers—records
175.420 Data service providers—retention period for aeronautical data, aeronautical information and records



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