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ASRR, CASA, the SeaView review and PlaneSafe

The follow up report by the Morris Committee [Plane Safe] is interesting in that it refers to an earlier “Terrel report”, by a “Captain Terrel”, which I have not found yet.

The comments about this are as follows:

February 1993

Captain Alan Terrell appointed by the CAA Board to report on the effectiveness of the operations of the Safety Regulation and Standards Division.

Plane Safe report, Aviation Week and Space Technology, 8 March 1993.

30 March 1993

The Terrell Report found that general aviation safety standards had fallen under CAA reforms.

The Board later accepted all but one of 59 Report recommendations.

Mr Ted Butcher stepped down early as Chairman, to be replaced by General Peter Gration with Mr Doug Roser as Chief Executive.

This has a very familiar ring to it, with the current ASRR.

I am sure that we learn from the past and will not make the same [same] mistakes.

Comments such as:

do not give much hope for progress in the current situation as the AMROBA report of 2013 gives similar results.



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