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#ASRR being ignored by #casa – Why is #casa Board not directing traffic??

POST for 1st March 2016

Regular readers will note that I have not posted recently, which was due to trying to resolve a serious misuse of personal details by both casa and another person. The e-mails and other tampering has been stopped, but with a serious amount of work since 20th January 2016.

Personal data was leaked and otherwise breached in a serious privacy issue, now with the Australian Cyber Crime Group and the Queensland Police.

The casa link goes to it’s Legal Services Department.

Maybe it is a really good thing casa were refused unlimited access to #metadata.

ASRR (Aviation Safety Regulatory Review)

From Australian Flying

The attached from Australian Flying and Hitch, goes to the concern by the Aviation Industry of #casa trying to stop the #asrr – David Forsyth considerations.

It is about time that the Minister, the casa Board bit the bullet, go to New Zealand and get and implement their regulations and stop the rot of part 61, 145, 141, 142, 143, 101.5, and the rest of the nonsense.

I understand, from a participant in the recent TAAF meeting that “…all is not well on the western front…”, with very angry people of the lack of progress and the #casa approach to the #asrr review as a distinct “YES MINISTER” approach made by #casa to the #asrr.

TAAAF calls for Review of CASA Reform Progress 22 Feb 2016

The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAAAF) has called for David Forsyth to be reappointed to review the progress of aviation safety regulation reform.

In a statement released today, TAAAF stated that they were optimistic about the new era of co-operation emerging between the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the aviation community, but that the process of reform needed to be faster.

“At its recent meeting in Canberra, TAAAF expressed optimism that a new and more positive aviation regulatory philosophy is emerging, leading to a regulatory partnership between industry and government,” the statement said.

“TAAAF expressed concern at the lack of progress in the effective implementation of the Forsyth Report (the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review) and would support the reappointment of Mr David Forsyth to conduct a review of progress and make further recommendations.

“The Forsyth Review identified significant cultural change was required within CASA and TAAAF continues to encourage and support the CASA Board developing strategic policies in cooperation with the Forum.”

TAAAF will formulate a set of aviation policy recommendations it says will be sent to every member of parliament prior to the upcoming 2016 Federal Election.

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