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Are the #asrr recommendations really up to speed??

The general view by the #aviation industry is that the general process of “reform” is not leading to better regulations, but to ones out of step with the rest of the world and people are walking away from the industry.

The number of pilots reflects this situation.

And we must not forget the Colmar Brunton survey, which shows an #aviation industry in free fall. I am not hearing anything that repudiates this situation. When a #casa CEO threatens individuals, as is reported on 9th February 2017, for being at the #casa head office in Woden, seeking a meeting with the Chair of the #casa Board, Jeff Boyd.

Things have not demonstrably changed, despite what is reported by Gibson of a remark by David Forsyth [see below].


CASA completes addressing aviation safety regulation review recommendations

Date of Publication:
Friday 1st December

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has now considered and addressed all of the recommendations made to it in the Aviation Safety Regulation Review of 2014.

CASA’s CEO and Director of Aviation Safety, Shane Carmody, said the majority of the recommendations in the Review related to CASA’s performance and function and were endorsed by the Federal Government.  There were also a number of recommendations that called for CASA input or expertise managed by other agencies.

“CASA has either completed actions flowing from the Government’s response to the recommendations, incorporated solutions into ongoing activities or announced plans to take action on recommendations,” Mr Carmody said.

“There are two recommendations where actions will be taken in 2018 – a review of the penalties in the aviation safety regulations and the completion of the remaining parts of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

“I have made it clear CASA will be striving to finalise the last 10 parts of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations by the end of 2018.

“My intention is that these parts will be made or be ready to be made, with implementation to take place over an appropriate and staged timeframe.

“Most of the Aviation Safety Regulation Review recommendations are now ongoing as they are embedded into CASA’s new policies, processes and procedures. Many of these will take time to bed down but we are making significant headway.

“The review was a very important and valuable benchmarking exercise that has focussed CASA on making worthwhile improvements that are now paying dividends to the aviation community,” Mr Carmody said.

“I am committed to ensuring the intent of recommendations is honoured and the benefits of the actions continue to be delivered to the aviation community—one example of a major change was the recently announced reforms to the aviation medical system.”

“I have been working closely with the chair of the Review, Mr David Forsyth AM, to achieve this and our collaboration has been very beneficial.”

Mr Forsyth said the progress made by CASA in the last 12 months has been pleasing.

“While a number of issues are still in work, there is clear progress on necessary improvements and re-establishing a trust based relationship with industry,” Mr Forsyth said.

Media contact:
Peter Gibson
0419 296 446

Ref: MR10217

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