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AOPA – Australia Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia

This page collates recent articles from this site and progress of Project Eureka and other AOPA initiatives.

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October 5th 2016:



Issued 23rd August 2016

1.   The medical standard for the Class 2 Medical Certificate will be that of an AustRoads Unrestricted Private Drivers Medical with no ROUTINE requirement to attend for medical examinations except in the situations outlined below

2.   The pilot will have to make a legally binding statement that they meet this standard once prior to the age of 70 years and every 3 years after the age of 70

3.   Any pilot who does not meet this medical standard will be required to apply for their certificate by seeing a DAME. This includes those pilots who hold a Restricted Private Drivers License Medical or those pilots who are currently classified as “renew by CASA only”. The DAME will have the delegation to issue the certificate after due consideration. CASA AVMED would be involved only if the DAME wants  backup or support for decision making

4.   Applicants with a history of any of the following conditions must apply to a DAME for consideration of their case. They must support their application with records from their GP and/or Specialist.

a.    Medication for any psychiatric illness

b.    Bipolar disorder, psychosis or a diagnosis of personality disorder

c.    Drug abuse or alcohol misuse or addiction (or conviction for drink/drunk driving)

d.    Medication treatment for angina or heart failure

e.    Cardiac surgery including cardiac device implantation

f.     Recurrent fainting or collapse (syncope)

g.    Unexplained loss of consciousness

h.    Insulin treatment

i.     Chronic lung disease with shortness of breath on exertion

j.     Any neurological condition requiring medication

k.    Epilepsy

l.     Significant functional physical disability likely to impair safe operation of normal flight controls

5.   It is anticipated that for simple cases properly backed up by specialist reports that the DAME may in consultation with the applicants General Practitioner and/or Specialist be delegated to issue a class 2 certificate for a restricted period of time. If the DAME is not prepared to do this he/she may refer the case to CASA AVMED for full assessment

6.   Under the proposed system the onus is on the pilot to report any possible reduction of flying capabilities as a result of medical conditions to their DAME. The DAME can advise the pilot and certify the pilot fit to fly at a later date if he/she is happy with the recovery. If the DAME is unhappy with the situation he/she may refer the matter to CASA AVMED


– The weight limit will be 2,760 Kg

– The number of passengers will be limited to five (5)

– Those pilots requiring an instrument rating will need to see a DAME on a regular basis (4 years under 40 and 2 yearly thereafter). The DAME can issue the certificate or refer to AVMED as necessary

– Night VFR will be covered under the proposed new system

– Those pilots requiring a higher aircraft weight limit or increased number of passengers will need to be seen by a DAME who can issue the certificate or refer to AVMED as they feel necessary.


The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia was established in 1949 to ensure aircraft owners and pilots were afforded the freedom to fly without unnecessary cost and restriction.  AOPA remains Australia’s leading aviation advocacy group, serving general aviation for over 67 years.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Australia

Hangar 600, Prentice Street, Bankstown Airport NSW 2200, Australia.

May 6th 2016:

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