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AOPA moves to politically distance itself from #CASA

The current #aopa president, Mark de Stoop has brought a breath of fresh air into #aopa australia in the August Presidents comment [presented below]. It is refreshing to see a pro-active stance being made to support, in particular #ozaviation in the form of the essential GA sector, in all it’s forms.

Marc brings a breath of fresh air after nearly a decade of “mealy-mouthed” platitudes to the regulator. Marc notes that a lot of individuals are concerned about speaking up publicly will bring the heavy hand of #casa down on them.

Unfortunately, Marc is correct and this was a serious topic of concern in submissions to the #asrr. In #aopa’s submission, although broad ranging, never had the “bite” of the Marc de Stoop president’s report below:

aopa Aug 2015aopa - 2 Aug 2015

In conversations with the #asrr committee, I have also become aware off specific threats being made to #ozaviation participants. These include a very large proportion of #asrr submissions being private and “..not for publication…”. That individuals are concerned that the regulator #casa, is likely to take action against them. This is to be deplored, but has ocurred in a number of instances in the recent past.

In July, Marc met with #casa and Mark Skidmore.

There can be no easy way forward until #casa removes the obvious internal stumbling blocks. This line is also followed by #kharon in the recent editorial – 10th August 2015.

Some have already been removed:

  • McCormick;
  • Farquartson;
  • Fereday;
  • Pooshan;
  • Elizabeth Hampton.

The next tranch must bite deeper into #casa, with the magic removal of further upper echelon managers, who are well entrenched, such as Jonathon Aleck, Adam Anastasi, Narelle Tredrea and under performing regional managers, such as Gerard Campbell, Malcolm Campbell, Roger Chambers.

There are more if the will strikes the #casa board.

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