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AOPA has new President and meets Skidmore

AOPA has new President and meets Skidmore

AOPA Australia hosted a talk-fest with Mark Skidmore, CASA CEO as one of the speakers. Attendees included longtime members Dick Smith and Bill Hamilton.

They were disappointed by the presentation as Skidmore said “…part 61 as presented by CASA is the leading part 61 exposition in the world …people are rushing to use it….”.

There are large numbers in the aviation community who do not have that view, instead of the opinion that the new part 61 is regressive and all but impossible to comply with, when used as a document in the training environment.

The extra costs involved are substantial and for a renewal for a twin CIR have risen to $7500 per annum, rather than a reasonable < $1000 cost. Multiple renewals, although will cost more on top, as a single renewal will not satisfy the new CASA requirements.

Skidmore made earlier undertakings to industry, with the industry lamenting any cost-benefit analysis. This is a similar situation to when McCormick attacked the industry for “…failing to understand…”


Long time member, Sandy Reith wrote an open letter to AOPA CEO, Aaron Stephenson:


Its time AOPA stopped doing the CASA inspired “safety seminar” meetings.
AOPA  should be hosting  a seminar with Federal MPs thus:-
“Save GA from CASA and inspire Government action to put the GA industry back on a growth path”.
Media invited.
If AOPA persists in doing the “safety is everything” mantra, in line with the totally discredited CASA, then we are following a line of certain destruction of what should be an iconic Australian industry, and pity help AOPA. AOPA ‘the lap dog of CASA’ will be our fate when we should be a leader for reform.
Being an AOPA member since the sixties, 10,000 hours, RPT, IFR, CFI, CP, airport and GA flying business owner, current owner PPL, and commenced flying 50 years ago, I can assure you that only by engaging our federal MPs will there be any hope of a bright future for GA.
AOPA contact with CASA should be strictly limited, CASA should not be given the dignity of providing speakers to any AOPA hosted event while CASA persists in destroying our industry. Were CASA to repeal Part 61 and take on the rule set of, say, Aruba, or New Zealand, then we might consider engaging with this discredited body.
It really is time to take a stand, no more pussy footing around,
Sandy Reith
PS: CASA’s actions are totally against safety, refueling points decommissioned all over Australia.
Experienced instructors and maintenance personnel pushed out. Super expensive and unnecessary AOC and Certificate of Approvals are killing a good industry. Inducing thousands to the low weight category is another obvious backward step against safety.

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