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Andrew Wilkie 12.04 ABC-24 3rd March 2015 + John Sharp

Andrew Wilkie 12.04 ABC-24 3rd March 2015

John Sharp walks through the background [Pamela Phillips] during the interview.

Why was John Sharp at Parliament House??

and Who is John Sharp??


John Sharp is as follows:

The Hon. John Sharp
Deputy Chairman & Independent Director

The Honourable John Sharp, originally from a farming and business background, is an aviator having been a licensed pilot of both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Mr. Sharp was a member of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth Parliament for 14 years (1984 – 1998). Mr. Sharp retired from the House of Representatives in 1998 and established his own high level aviation and transport consulting company, Thenford Consulting. Mr. Sharp is a former Chairman of the Aviation Safety Foundation of Australia and a director of Australian Aerospace, a wholly- owned subsidiary of European Aeronautics Defence and Space (EADS) representing Airbus (the aircraft manufacturer of ATR, CASA, Eurocopter and Astrium satellites). He has retired as Chairman of Parsons Brinkerhoff Advisory Board. He is also Chairman of Power and Data Corporation Pty Limited and Chairman of Pel-Air Aviation Pty Limited. Mr. Sharp is a Trustee and Board Member of John McKeown House, Honorary Federal Treasurer, National Party of Australia and has retired as Chairman of Winifred West Schools Foundation. He is a member of the University of Wollongong Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Board. He was appointed a director of the Flight Safety Foundation following his receipt of the Foundation’s Presidential Citation for Aviation Safety; the first Australian to receive this award. Mr. Sharp’s extensive experience of aviation, regional air services and as the former Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Development in the Federal Government, adds significantly to the expertise and standing of the Board.

Mr. Sharp was appointed to the board of Rex on 14 April 2005. He was re-elected to the Board on 19 November 2008, 23 November 2011 and 27 November 2013.


Was it the exposure of:

“…………..between July and November 2012, the company donated $250,000 of shareholder funds to the federal ALP, $95,700 to federal Nationals and $40,000 to the Liberal Party, marking it as one of the biggest political donors in the nation…………”


Published on 2 Mar 2015

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