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AMROBA writes to the Minister deploring the CASA situation

The following is a part take from Ken Cannane’s well written letter to Minister Truss. This sets out some of the important areas that need to be canvassed in fixing the “CASA mess”:

The manner in which CASA interacts with aviation businesses.
a. Currently, the interaction between CASA and the industry is not conducive to the improvement of aviation safety as it has become a ‘them-and-us’ approach.
b. During a period of massive regulatory exchange it is imperative that CASA be directed to work with industry in a manner where they provide safety guidance with implementation of regulation and safety practices.
c. That CASA enforcement processes should only be used where there is evidentiary examples of an aviation participant refusing, or not able, to meet any corrective action process agreed to, or directed by CASA.

Section 12A of the Civil Aviation Act

Minister may give the Board notices about its strategic direction etc.
(1) The Minister may notify the Board in writing of the Minister’s views on the following matters:
(a) the appropriate strategic direction for CASA;
(b) the manner in which CASA should perform its functions.

(1A) Subsection (1) does not permit the Minister to notify views in relation to a particular case or a particular holder of a civil aviation authorisation.
(2) In performing its functions, the Board must act in accordance with notices given under subsection (1).

Minister, AMROBA members, and most of the rest of the non-airline sectors of aviation, are waiting for you to provide a new ‘strategic direction’ for CASA specifying the ‘manner in which CASA performs its functions’. The Minister can make an immediate difference.
There must be a new interaction between CASA and industry in the interest of aviation safety where openness, trust and respect exists to improve safety.

Ken Cannane
Executive Director
Phone: (02) 97592715
Fax: (02) 97592025
Mobile: 0408029329
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And the venue..??


Location: Moorabbin Airport 1000 – 1500
Invited: Maintenance Organisations, Operators and Licence Holders
Host: Aviation Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Business Association, inc.
Purpose: Discuss Issues, Government Aviation Policy & Future Effect on Aviation
Contact: Linton Hayres. Aircraft Propellers & Spares. propbits@propbits.com.au
Mobile 0408 565 134
Location: Dingley International Hotel (Next to Airport)
334-348 Boundary Road, Dingley 3172. (03) 9551 8344
1000 – 1020 Introduction Ken Cannane, Executive Director, AMROBA

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