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AMROBA scores the Government on Aviation progress

AMROBA scores the Government on Aviation progress after 12 months since election.

We all know aviation is a delicate subject, but it has been subject to three reviews in past 18-months, which all point to a failing system, yet the recently resigned DAS [McCormick] in his last gasp [monthly missive] to the industry again tries to justify his presence. This just gives a “head in the sand” view that nothing is wrong.

BUT problems shown in:

  • Senate Review of PelAir;
  • ASRR – David Forsyth;
  • Senate – Mislead Parliament;
  • ATSB – review by Canadian TSB

And still no definitive action by the Minister

AMROBA obviously does not agree at all, as shown below.


AMROBA score Minister Truss at 23% – FAIL


When the Coalition won the last election, there was great support from the aviation industry for what the LNP promulgated as the Coalition Aviation Policy. In the Policy they included a Plan. The following is AMROBA score, out of ten, of government’s achievement against each of their policy
promises. Total 37/160 Not very good. Not many items have started.

The Government’s Plan

1.Abolish the Carbon Tax- The Coalition will abolish the carbon tax.
Score: 10/10

2. Establish Formal Industry Consultation with the Minister- The Coalition will establish a formal Aviation Industry Consultative Council that will meet on a regular basis with the Minister to discuss matters of concern to the broader aviation industry and ensure that the industry’s views have a forum for discussion and development.
Score: 0/10 – no indication so far.

3. Ensure Best Practice in Aviation Safety is Maintained-The Coalition will establish an external review of aviation safety and regulation in Australia.
Score: 10/10 – will LNP implement recommendations? 2/10 at this stage

4. Reform the Structure of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)- The Coalition will seek to enhance CASA’s abilities to function as Australia’s key aviation safety regulator.

a. Strategic direction – Enhancing CASA’s capability as Australia’s aviation safety regulator must start with establishing a firm strategic direction for the organisation. Score: 0/10 ASRR recommendation also identified changes needed.

b. CASA board – CASA’s board has been repeatedly established, abandoned and re-established again.
Score: 5/10 1 new member announced, 3 more rumoured.

c. Industry Complaints Commissioner-The Coalition recognises the importance of having a reliable, robust andtransparent complaints process that is managed in a timely mannerScore: 2/10 ASRR recommendation report to CASA Board

5. Focus on the Better Utilisation of Australian Airspace-The Coalition will task Airservices Australia with fast-tracking technological improvements at airports where they are supported by both airlines and airports and will have a significant impact on the reliability of the aviation network, or where it will lessen the impact of aircraft noise.Score: 2/10 No info available

  1. Support Regional Aviation-The Coalition will introduce a new and better targeted En Route Rebate Scheme for regional commercial airline carriers to support low volume and new routes to small and remote communities.

Score: 4/10 Some changes introduced

7. Recognise the Importance of Our Airports – The Coalition reaffirms our commitment that airports must be dedicated to providing aviation services and other developments on site should not be approved if they compromise the current or future aviation operations of the airport.
Score: 3/10 Some statements and monies allocated

a. Regional aerodrome weather services -The Coalition acknowledges the benefits that aerodrome weather servicesprovide in regional communities, not just for aviation but also for local weatherforecasting and for use by emergency services personnel.Score: 0/10

b. Sydney Airport – If elected, the Coalition will make a decision on the site for a second Sydney Airport in the first term of government.

Score: 10/10 Decision has been made
8. Encourage Aviation Manufacturing – The Coalition acknowledges the important role of aircraft and aviation component manufacturing in Australia.
Score: 0/10 Less manufacturing today – no growth yet seen

  1. Revitalise the General Aviation Action Agenda – The Coalition will revitalise the General Aviation Action Agenda and establish a regular dialogue with the general aviation sector to address industry issues.
    Score: 0/10 No action at this moment. Need to adopt FARs
  2. Promote Aviation Liberalisation – The Coalition acknowledges the importance of international aviation to our tourism industry and our broader economy. We recognise the potential of Australia as a prime tourism destination within the Asia-Pacific region.
    Score: 0/10 No action
  3. Enhance Industry Training and Development – The Coalition will undertake a study into the state of the workforce in the broader aviation industry to inform future skills development and training policies. This will include a consideration of whether high upfront training costs are acting as a barrier to entry. The study into the state of the aviation workforce will be undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and conducted within existing resources.
    Score: 0/10 Study not yet started
  4. Ensure Aviation Security is Risk-Based – The Coalition will review security risk assessments regularly to ensure that existing measures are adequate or still necessary and new rules are appropriately implemented.

Score: 1/10 Some consideration to changes

September 2014

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