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casa and atsb just do not get it!!!!!!!!!

From the Albanese address:

Our White Paper sets out a constructive, 20-year blueprint for growth, and we’ve enabled the industry to tend to its core business without excessive intervention.

What a load of absolute rubbish.

What we have is an over-regulated, struggling industry with an officious regulator and an inept investigator.

In Senator Xenophon’s words:

It is my view that CASA, under Mr McCormick, has become a regulatory bully that appears to take any action available to ensure its own shortcomings are not made public. This poses great risks to aviation safety, and the safety of the travelling public. Equally, the ATSB—which should fearlessly expose any shortcomings on the part of CASA and other organisations to improve aviation safety—has become institutionally timid and appears to lack the strength to perform its role adequately.
Both agencies require a complete overhaul, and I believe it is only luck that their ineptness has not resulted in further deaths so far.

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