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Albanese knew about the PelAir report on 5th June this year

The following gives a summary of the Senate hearings that were on this week regarding PelAir.

From Hansard for 18th November 2013

Senator LINES: I realise that you cannot necessarily provide us with details about briefings and submissions to ministers but I am interested in what has been provided to ministers.

Mr Mrdak: The department provides an extensive range of advice on all matters covered by portfolio responsibilities.

CHAIR: Including two-dollar cockups by the previous government, I presume.

Mr Mrdak: We do provide extensive advice on all portfolio matters, and clearly that has been occurring since the swearing in of ministers.

Senator LINES: How many briefings and submissions have you made?
Mr Mrdak: I would have to take that on notice. It would be a rather large number, I would imagine.

Senator LINES: I would want to know how many were information briefs and how many were decision briefs.

Mr Mrdak: We provide briefs to ministers which require action in terms of decisions. I can take on notice how many briefs have been provided.

Senator FAWCETT: The last time we met in estimates, you were anticipating giving a brief to former minister Albanese about the Senate report into air accident investigations. You anticipated giving that to him, I think, within 10 days of the date of the estimates.

Could you confirm what date the department did provide that brief for action to the minister?

Mr Mrdak: Following our conversation at the 29 May estimates, I provided advice to the minister on 5 June 2013.

Senator FAWCETT: Did that have recommendations for a response to the Senate report?

Mr Mrdak: It provided advice on the Senate report, including options for handling of the Senate inquiry report, yes.

Senator FAWCETT: Did it flag the fact that there were safety implications raised in the Senate report?

Well Albo certainly had the report.

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