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AirServices [#ASA] misses the point of good navigation

AirServices [#ASA] misses the point of good navigation

There has been little or no consultation with GA on the removal of NDB’s, which are securely attached to a concrete block, the ground and cannot move. The NDB is the basic building block of good navigation and must be retained.

Dick Smith has been advocating these essential items remain or there is a large and very serious cost to aviation. Charter is seeing this with the introduction of very expensive ADS-B into aircraft. Being a “…world-first..” is not necessarily the most cost effective way for the introduction of new technology.

Few of the regulators have any idea of the cost impositions to aviation and the use of the RAPAC system, which #CASA and #ASA rely on is not representative of a large body of aviation participants.

Even when difficult questions are raised, #asa refuse to answer them.

Maybe the Senate inquiry on 18th August 2015 will redress this situation.

05:00PM, 18 August 2015 Duration: , 2 hours

Name:  Senate Committee Hearing
Summary: Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee:
Performance of Airservices Australia

Also, the effect of #casa in the resultant cost excesses over the past 25 years must be remembered. This has been the result of poorly thought out regulations, which have been thrust on #ozaviation, with no thought as to the financial outcomes. #casa relies on the effect of CAAct 9A in saying “…must be done for safety reasons….”, with little thought as to how else this could be done or whether there were any likely safety outcomes of a positive nature.

That former minister Albanese would, without notice in 2010, thrust an estimated $89.9m cost on #ozaviation, is to be deplored.

That Departmental head, Mrdak would come to the aid of #casa demonstrates that the Parliament has lost control. In September 2014, Minister Truss in the Courier Mail, indicated he had no control over #casa.


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