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Airport attacks on General Aviation

There have been a series of attacks on General Aviation by a range of methods and “owners” since I started flying in 1995.

These are broad ranging and really boil down to individuals, organisations, corporations, Government Departments or Councils trying to limit access to a “port” and essential aviation infrastructure.

What is an #airport?

The word “port” is important, as this really means an access point to a place.

Simple, a piece of the local infrastructure, with very specific design parameters and positioning in the horizontal world, we are well used to and then into the vertical dimension.

A 3D [Three dimensional] position in the world. It is difficult for those used to the 2D world to see the “roads”, highways and lanes that lead to the “airport”. Sometimes known as an ERC [On route chart]

For Australia, there are a series:

On the left is the ERC series for every airport in Australia. The second is the Adelaide to Essendon chart.

For those computer aware people, every day you use a “port” to enter the completely unseen “port” of your Wi-fi, being the seemingly crazy: or similar. We don’t ask questions on how we go to another place, neither do we when we go to an “airport”, board a plane and fly.

The complexity is obvious and any changes on the ground will have a much broader impact Australia wide. This seems lost on the National Government and the QUANGO – CA$A, put in place to oversee #aviation.

Question is, what airports have been impacted, how and what is the future.

Airports and questions about their future.

The Australian Airports Association – Policy

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