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ADS-B – How do we fix this up??

ADS-B – How do we fix this up??

The article below is a way forward and should have been the type of proposal that #casa should be working on as a proper response to #ozaviation concerns.

Another ball for Jeff Boyd.

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Updated list below.


If you agree to any or all of these I suggest you drop a line to your industry association (AOPA, AFAP, SAAA, RA-AUS etc.) for them to prepare and file a submission to CASA.

Now it the time; just discussing here won’t do anything. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

  • CASA to evaluate cheap 1090ES transponder/GPS combinations WRT compliance with current specifications, and consider revising specifications where appropriate, to facilitate a cost-effective means of GA fitment of ADS-B;
  • CASA to consider a complete re-analysis of the Australian ADS-B mandate, a proper risk analysis and a cost/benefit justification for any subsequent mandate;
  • CASA and Airservices to work with the industry WRT revaluating the ADS-B implementation mandate, to a date appropriate and workable for GA;
  • CASA and Airservices to work with the industry towards increasing the number of ADS-B ground stations, to increase low level coverage;
  • CASA and Airservices to work with the industry towards the lowering of Class E airspace where surveillance (SSR or ADS-B) exists or is required, thereby increasing the benefits of ADS-B to industry;
  • CASA to consider approving RAOz Pilot Certificate Holders to operate in Class E airspace, subject to meeting the current transponder requirement.

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