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Aviation in Australia

In the aviation industry, particularly Australia, the regulator has unlimited power to be Judge, Jury and executioner.

2020 has arrived, there have been no major improvements to the Aviation sector. In particular, GA [General Aviation] is in it’s death throws.

This leads to serious doubts by the user of the system in how he or she will be dealt with if there is an infraction.

It leaves those accused of an infraction with the AAT or Federal Court, or an inarguable statutory fine.

The AAT has quite different rules as to evidence, which allow a much lower level of proof for “statements” made by the regulator compared to Federal or State Supreme Court – “Rules of Evidence”.

Does CASA behave as a “model litigant” MLO = Model Litigant Obligations ?.

The answer is no – and there are numerous AAT and Federal Court cases to support this notion.

Further, with the matters raised as a result of the “PelAir” report by the Australian Senate, the ATSB also has serious questions to answer as to how it treats the regulator [CASA] when the regulator fails in it’s statutory obligations, through the SR/SA [Safety Recommendation/Action] system and the “softening” of requirements.

The effect of the ICAO/ FAA audit in 2008 was directed at areas that CASA failed to meet ICAO requirements. There were over 2000 non-compliance’s. These have still not been rectified and any attempt by the aviation industry to query and fix the situation have been firmly rejected by CASA. Compare with India’s audit.

In this web site, we are working to bring together information that can help others to understand why the regulator is taking a particular stand and publish difficult to find material from a range of publicly available sources, including FOI applications, Senate Inquiries, reviews [such as the ASRR]  and a range of publicly available web and other sources.

The replacement of all the CASA regs with the US-FAR’s would be a distinct improvement and a complete re-write of the CAAct and associated Acts would assist in getting the aviation industry rolling again.

Colmar Brunton dumps #casa as a regulator that is at all popular:

Petition for change to aviation in Australia


What’s to come and what has gone??

September 2020

16th September 2020 Josh Hoch District Court Mt. Isa

August 2020


July 2020


June 2020


May 2020

Aviation Inquiry is suspended

No new calendar announced

April 2020


March 2020

COVID drama: Aviation Inquiry is suspended

February 2020

Josh Hoch case to Court in Mt. Isa

January 2020

What statutory fines mean – What can happen under the dodgy #casa regulations

A quick summary of 10-years

December 2019

Senate Inquiry announced into GA

September 2019

Angel Flight

Glen Buckley support needed

August 2019

casa bastardises Glen Buckley and his business

July 2019

Aviation Act section 9A

November 2018

Bruce Rhoades subjected to casa hatred

15th-17th_November,_2018 Aviatex_–_Trade_Expo_&_Careers_Showcase_ –_

July 2018

9th to 10th July 2018 Wagga Wagga AOPA Aviation Organisations Convention

May 2018:

27th to 29th May 2018: Senate Estimates

24th to 26th May 2018  Rotor Tech in Brisbane

April 2018:

26th April 2018 Dick Smith Oration

March 2018:

AOPA ABC Interview

February 2018:

27th February 2018: Senate Estimates

5th February 2018: Close date for operation, funding Senate inquiry  Inquiry details

January 2018:

31st January 2018: Freedom of Information and transparency – #casa Fails

15th January 2018: Review of #aviation in20117 and the #ASRR

December 2017:

23rd December 2017: Training disaster exposed

19th December 2017: Minister Darren Chester removed from portfolio

19th December 2017: December monthly missive

16th December 2017: Cobden Airport fights for it’s future

15th December 2017: Minister Chester exposed on aircraft accident – No public report

November 2017:

25 – 26th November 2017: Lilydale Flyin

22nd November 2017: Josh HochMt. Isa Court

4th November 2017: Report implicates poor #casa decision making for Lord Howe IS. and accident

3rd November 2017: Ian Britz develops a serious policy for aviation – Aviation will be front and centre of the New England by-election

1st November 2017: Comments on #casa annual report Jeff Boyd fails to get dates correct

October 2017:

28th October 2017: #casa annual report released

23rd October 2017: Senate estimates for October 2017

19-21st October 2017: Airventure 2017

7th October 2017: No progress by #casa for 20-years exposed

September 2017:

28th September 2017: Soothing the massesRelease on “Limitations on use of sSafety”

27th September 2017: Monthly missive – September 2017

22nd September 2017: Last day for submissions on drone discussion paper

12th September 2017: Useful information page on drones

7th September 2017: MrDak leaves the burning #aviation industry behind

5th September 2017: #casa releases “…Corporate Plan….”

4th September 2017: MrDak addresses the Institute of Public Administration in Canberra

August 2017:

19th August 2017: #casa called out over lack of progress for past 25 years

18th August 2017: Is #casa testing the water to put more pressure on GA and private pilots??

17th August 2017: FOI application on Right to Know reveals a $165,000 cost for #casa at Avalon

1st August 2017: Onerous presentation rules hit ASIC cards

July 2017:

25th July 2017: Monthly #casa missive

16th July 2017: LNP in Queensland calls for a Judicial inquiry into the Australian regulator – #casa

7th July 2017: Failure by Minister Chester to engage with aviation industry participant

June 2017:

26th June 2017: Monthly missive says #casa has stopped representation for pilots and aircraft owners

24th June 2017: Recycled CEO Carmody hits the promotional trail

14th June 2017: RAAus bails out of issuing ASIC cards as a result of changes supported by #casa

7th June 2017: Carmody appointed as DAS

2nd June 2017: Renmark training accident – Reminders of Darwin and Brasilia??

May 2017:

27th May 2017: AOPA AGM at Bankstown

23rd May 2017: Senate Estimates and the RRAT committee

18th May 2017: Dick Smith Weathercams are live – Thanks Dick

11th May 2017: Final Court hearing for injured nurse Karen Casey – #pelair ditching

7th May 2017: 12th anniversary of Lockhart River crash

6/7th May 2017: Wings over Illawarra [HARS Airshow]

April 2017:

15th April 2017: No information held on #casa communications by DIRD [Department of Infrastructure]

11th April 2017: RAPAC meeting Townsville

March 2017:

27th March 2017: March Missive

13th March 2017: Dromader Coroners report – David Black at Ulladulla

7th March 2017: #atsb in gun by ABC 7.30 report and #aopa

3rd March 2016: #casa castle at Avalon

28th February 2017 to 5th March – Avalon

February 2017:

27th February 2017: Second anniversary of death of #pelair patient Bernie Currall

Monday, 27 February and Tuesday, 28 February 2017: Additional Estimates

 Group A*: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee

23rd February 2017: #casa February missive

21st February 2017: B200 crash at Essendon

January 2017:

24th January 2017: #casa grants AOC to Joch Hoch – Arrested in Mt. Isa on 342 charges

23rd January 2017: Monthly missive – Carmody makes no progress

Police interview about the action taken by Queensland Police, not #casa

December 2016:

30th December 2016: Carmody “To the masses” The December missive

29th December 2016: #casa and the Advisory Circulars (AC’s)

23rd December 2016: Statement by Foreign Minister Bishop on insurance for #mh370 victims

15th December 2016: Submissions Close for Inquiry Drones [Part 101]

                                   Drone submissions to senate inquiry

13th December 2016: 2016 report card for #casa = FAIL

1st December 2016: Report date for airport/ aviation security inquiry

November 2016:

23rd November 2016: #casa Carmody missive

21st and 22nd November 2016: Appeal by Insurance Company against Supreme Court award to Karen Casey (#PelAir)

18th November 2016: 7th anniversary of the #pelair ditching – No #atsb report

1st November 2016: Minister grilled (and fried!) by Fran Kelly on ABC Radio

October 2016:

28th October 2016: Minister Chester announces ANOTHER inquiry by the Department

27th October 2016: #casa release annual report and make another deficit (loss)

17th October 2016: #casa witness against John Quadrio appears in Court in Cairns

17th to 21st October 2016: Senate Estimates into #casa, #atsb, #airservices

13th October 2016:Senate Inquiry: Regulatory requirements Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

5th October 2016: Meeting of AOPA-OZ with #casa

1st October 2016: Christine Negroni reports on #MH370

September 2016:

15th September 2016: Referral of Airport Security to RRAT

Early September 2016: Clint Eastwood releases “Sully”

1st September 2016: Shane Carmody from Department’s office placed in #skidmore seat

1st September 2016: Mrdak leads a badly developed #onesky programme panned by #ANAO

August 2016:

31st August 2016: #casa refuses to improve safety standards in Tasmania

27th August 2016: North Queensland Aero Club – Mareeba Opening

25th August 2016: Skidmore gone as CEO of #casa

24th August 2016: #colmarbrunton report opinions Further detail

16th August 2016: #casa fail in Colmar Brunton #aviation survey

12th August 2016: #casa takes a hit on pilot numbers in MSM

5th August 2016: Update on Mark Skidmore performance

July 2016:

29th July 2016L: Jonathon Aleck “..discrepant statements???….”

Skidmore missive: More misleading information??

2nd July 2016: Election – Will there be a new Minister??

June 2016:

30th June 2016: Jabiru – removal of onerous restrictions

Skidmore missive: More misleading information??

May 2016:

Fri 27 to Sun 29 May 2016. Rotortech 2016.

25th May 2016: AOPA meeting with Skidmore etal and aviation in a parlous state

12th May 2016: Innisfail Seminar

11th May 2016: Mareeba Seminar

10th May 2016: 11 years since Lockhart River

6th May 2016: Tamworth Meeting on Project Eureka

5th May 2016:  Senate Estimates –

Airservices Questioned

Heffernan’s Last Post

Skidmore faces questions about Tamworth

April 2016:

5th April 2016: Marc de Stoop in meeting with Minister

March 2016:

31st March 2016: Dick Smith seeks #casa answer before going to Federal Court over CAA 9A

24th March 2016: FOI launched into #casa comments over death of Richard Green

20th March 2016: Parallel universe – PelAir and Mildura

4th March 2016: Talkfest in Wagga by Mark Skidmore

1st March 2016:  Questions raised on #casa Board activity

February 2016:

January 2016:

20th January 2016: #casa tries to justify CAR 234 changes

12th January 2016: AHIA teleconference with helicopter schools

12th January 2016: Serious questions raised as to veracity of information of #atsb and #MH370

7th January 2016: Two Ministers [Truss and Briggs] fail to answer aviation questions

1st January 2015: #casa and the 10-commandments, 2015 Annual Report misses information, loss made by #casa for second year

Archive of Prime page – Aviation in Australia [prior to December 2015]


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