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$89.9m – still no closer to finding the money – mystery deepens!!

2014 budget AAfter reading the Budget papers, there is indeed a mystery as to where the $89.9 is and whether Mrdack can continue hiding the money.

From this, there is a 22 staff member fall in CASA, yet there is no drop in the excise levy. The levy was for around 100 extra CASA staff.


Question is, where are they??, how did the $89.9m get spent.

From the 2014 Budget figures below, the total 2014 budget for CASA is $184.8m, with $42.4 coming from Budget Appropriation and $142.4 from the excise on avgas and avtur.

You will notice a rise from 2013 to 2014 of $2m – so there can be no removal of the “special levy”, which was supposed to finish in Budget year 2013.


 photo 2014budgetA_zps23d70742.png
2014 Budget Papers photo 2014budgetB_zps7b3891ec.png

2014 Budget Fuel Exise photo 2014budgetC_zpse8834755.png

The following report from Steve Creedy as his ‘take” on the budget

Aviation breathes again after budget

AVIATION appears to have escaped relatively unscathed in Joe Hockey’s brutal budget, with 22 Civil Aviation Safety Authority jobs set to disappear.

As expected, the Abbott government approved the funding over three years for Hobart international airport’s $38 million runway extension, and funded the ongoing search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, now expected to cost up to $90m.

There was also $9.8m for the regional airlines en-route scheme as well as $77.8m between 2014-15 and 2017-18 for development work at the proposed Badgerys Creek airport.

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia questioned estimates that CASA would move from a fiscal 2012-13 surplus of $12m to a forecast $9.6m loss for 2013-14.

It said the -$21.6m turnaround mostly stemmed from a rise in employee benefits expenses, from $108.9m in 2012-13 to a forecast $126.2 in fiscal 2013-14.

The expansion of the CASA board from four to six members is expected to have no impact on the budget.

THE search for MH370 has been suspended while search vessel Ocean Shield heads to the West Australian port of Dampier to pick up spare parts to fix a communications problem with the submersible Bluefin-21. The two have been unable to communicate because of a hardware defect in Ocean Shield’s transponder and suspected problem with Bluefin’s transponder. Spare parts from the US are expected to arrive on Sunday.

UNITED Airlines will boost the frequency of its upcoming Melbourne-Los Angeles non-stop service from six-times-weekly to daily from March 12. The airline will introduce a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner service to the Victorian capital from October 28.

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