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49’s and the Star Chamber

 49’s and the Star Chamber

This is well worth the read, remembering that John McCormick was the “Chief Pilot – Boeing” at the time, before heading to CASA as CEO.

The #49ers Story – the #StarChamber



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Called licensing today to get clarification (yer, good luck!) about those who are in a cyclic, and whether this covers you for your annual IFR renewal (asitcurrently does).According to the guy I spoke to (had 2 go through before someone with knowledge couldassist me), no I do not need to, as the cyclic program covers me.. This seems to contradict what I have read onPPRuNe elsewhere which implies that I would be required to do a multi IFR renewal each year if I want to go fly a twin on the weekend..Anyone else raised this at one of these mythical information nights?

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Fpv dude,
I would think to hire a twin (single pilot) andoperate IFR the “cyclic” would have to have been single pilot op.My question is, If they group ME <5700kg “class” aeroplanes together (i.e. no specific type ratings) would a renewal conducted in a single pilot “MEA” >5700 kg’s (BE350/Metro) allow that pilot to act as PIC IFR on the aforementioned?
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Originally Posted by Jack Ranga
Any chance one of you who got the letter could scan and post on here.

Was about to scan it but noticed they’ve already PDF’d it on their website…amongst the 57,873 other pages they’ve piled in there to ‘explain’ the changes.


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FPVdude,I have just done a CASA onlinethingo and I have an ATO school tomorrow and Thursday on the new regs.PPRuNe is not a good place to look up rules and you will get more mis-information on here than good oil, but I will have a crack at answering a few questions on Friday when I have received the Part 61 Enema.Cheers

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PDP was great., there’s a lot of learning
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Have I read it correctly where you don’t need to keep a logbook after 7 years post the last entry?For someone who has a 40 year career that is alot of data you don’t need to have!
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casa is out of touch with the Aviation Industry

Who Pays??The following is from: http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_asset…w_training.pdfNew “notes” directed from the magic “TTTwwwIIItttEEErrr”New requirements will apply immediately and in full to operators authorised to conduct flight crew training on or after 4 December 2013, including the preparation and submission of an exposition.

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DCM – The letter of choice.

The only letter I want to see is Skulls resignation letter or a copy of his DCM letter, hopefully soon. But my guess is that Truss will give him a letter of commendation for all his work in aviation. TURDS.The Skulls CV;The 49ers Story – the Star Chamberhttp://www.cathaypilotsunion.org/int…MP12Oct08A.pdf

Get that into the Senate records boys. An apt description of factual events, and this bloke has been DAS for 5 years? The Government is a disgrace. ANd Mr Truss, so are you.

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Is this now an official way of getting Regs?

including the preparation and submission of an exposition.

Once again we are being forced to have expositions written to reflect a mix-mash of CARS, CASR and CAOs.

An Operator will just finish this version and another Part of the CASRs will arrive on the scene. Then that will have to be incorporated.

Then getting it “approved”/”accepted”

At what cost??

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