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The Future of Aviation? OR Just a Promise with no legs?

With the Senate Report due in March 2022, there is maybe some good news for #aviation.

From Australian Aviation:

Aviation Framework promises to Revitalise GA 20 December 2021 The Federal Government today released a plan for the recovery of the aviation industry that includes several measures long thought to be critical to the revitalisation of […]

Richard Rudd Update #5

Richard’s case progresses some more, with the Mayor responding to an office visit.









The mayor’s e-mail reply is clear:

Dear Mr. Cumming,

Further to our discussion of Wednesday of this week in which you requested a meeting with Mayor Angela Toppin, I can advise that I […]

Royal Commission into CA$A

There is a call for a Royal Commission into CA$A [Civil Aviation Safety Authority], the organisation that has gradually and systematically destroyed #avation, particularly general aviation [GA]

GA is the bit that is the small end of town, but does the pilot training local charter and supports local businesses.

Please support this petition.

Shannon […]

VALE Stan van de Weil

Aviation lost a good friend on 22nd December 2021.

For his friends, the service held on 30th December 2021 click on this link.

Stan was the holder of the keys for ProAviation, following the death of Paul Phelan, well known aviation commentator and an active aviation participant.

Stan was an instructor, aircraft owner, airport […]