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Is the FOI section like the accounts department at #casa?

A recent FOI request in “www.righttoknow.org.au” is looking for information on SID’s and privately owned Cessna’s

Evidence for the Cessna SID’s being placed on Cessna aircraft in Australia and the Regulatory Impact Statement [RIS] support for the SID’s programme




Parallel Universes – #PelAir and #Mildura

The #pelair ditching is still being “investigated”, yet we have not yet had a report released to the DIP’s [Directly Interested Parties”]. This is some 6 1/2 years later. In the case of #mildura, the three year point is about to be reached.

A summary is presented below:


FOI launched on “Right-to-Know” about Richard Green

In an FOI, regarding #casa statements to the press, which appeared to be quite critical of Richard Green and with no statements sought to refute the #casa statements.


The application asked the following:

I request all documents related to statements made by Peter Gibson or others of CASA, following the death of […]

Talkfest in Wagga on 2nd March – Will questions be answered??

The latest by Skidmore and follows the Mildura and Townsville events. Moorabbin to follow.


Flight Plan 2030 forums Flight Plan 2030 – Townsville 25 February 2016 Flight Plan 2030 – Wagga Wagga 02 March 2016 Flight Plan 2030 – Melbourne 16 March 2016

They are still e-mailing people, so maybe not as popular as […]

#ASRR being ignored by #casa – Why is #casa Board not directing traffic??

POST for 1st March 2016

Regular readers will note that I have not posted recently, which was due to trying to resolve a serious misuse of personal details by both casa and another person. The e-mails and other tampering has been stopped, but with a serious amount of work since 20th January 2016.

Personal data […]