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CAR 234 latest target for #casa – #metadata use for this proposal??

Is this the reason #casa want access to metadata??

This is the latest hack at the pilot, this time just blaming #atsb who have identified a safety issue. I believe that this is just another micro-management issue of the aviation industry.

If there is a safety issue about #casa issuing such changes, then basing them […]

Rule of Law and the Model Litigant

In today’s Australian, there is a most pertinent letter to the editor, about the players of the Essendon Football Club being denied natural justice in the findings released last week.

It bears some thought as to how Jack [Jason] Pantovic was treated by #casa and the #aat in the judgement released on 18th December 2015 […]

Hudson Approach for Sullenberger and #PelAir

Not mine, but worth a repeat as the “Miracle on the Hudson” [#sully] demonstrated how first class work occurred.


This adulation was never repeated in the real work that Dominic James undertook in November 2009, when, at night, in open seas pitching above 3-metres he ditched and all “…swam away…” in the #PelAir ditching […]

Actual involvement of #casa, #BOM and #AirServices in failing to properly update the weather changes in a timely and safe manner in #Mildura

Still no report from either #pelAir or #mildura [#atsb said at the time: “…The final report is anticipated for release to the public by June 2014.”] as to what really happened [Incident – 18th June 2013].

The question is:

“How can two aircraft not be notified of serious changes in the weather and visibility at […]

AHIA monthly newsletter

Australian Helicopter Industry Association Limited

PO Box 462 Carina Qld 4152 Australia

Mob: 0415 641 774 E: robsrich@austhia.com

AHIA’s week that was – ending Sun 10 Jan ’16.

TO: Helicopter Industry.

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2016. It looks like a busy year for us all as we […]

#MH370 and the current situation

There have been many theories as to how the aircraft came to be where it was and why there has been serious secrecy surrounding the event.

The Australian has published a series of articles which shed some light on the matter.

The stories certainly show the #atsb in a poor light as an investigator, particularly […]

Political Correctness – MacArthur style

Although I consider myself fluent in English, that term was not in my vocabulary.

Someone found this definition in 4 telegrams at the Truman Library and Museum in Independence Missouri.

The following are copies of four telegrams between President Harry Truman and Gen Douglas MacArthur on the day before the actual signing of the WWII […]

Ministers fail to answer questions

On 12th September 2015, I wrote to Minister Jamie Briggs, given his capacity in small business administration, and finally got a reply today – not from Minister Briggs, but from Warren Truss’s office:


What a huge crock.

Not in one place does the Minister answer the questions.

Skidmore has been a complete disaster […]