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2016 review in brief – Abysmal #casa, #atsb, #asa performance

2016 saw a large number of changes in #aviation, but little to give hope for the future where we can #saveGA.

Some of the #aviation highlights/ lowlights are below, which lead to a very low score for the 2016 year.

Over 480 #aviation people turn up to protest issues to DPM Joyce and Minister Chester at Tamworth

Trouble had been brewing for a long period and #AOPA Australia released Project Eureka then called the May meeting in Tamworth.

Loss of Mark Skidmore as #casa CEO after only 20 months:

Mark was not listening to what industry wanted or required. Would not respond to industry.

 Recycled former #casa staffer, Shane Carmody becomes acting CEO

Old decisions now pop up that Shane has had his finger in – like Lockhart River debacle, MLO

 #Colmarbrunton low score for performance by #casa

Could not have been much worse, but #casa just brushed the result off saying “…we will reassess in two years….”

Slow return of #atsb report on Mildura 737 “Low fuel incident” and Albury ATR report and #PelAir non-report

Definitive in how #atsb can be captured by the regulator #casa and the #senate is not at all happy

AirServices bad contract letting and #ANAO report

Castigated by Senate over the contract for #onesky and loss of 1000 jobs. Safety case questioned

Management of new regulations by #casa abysmal

Part 61, 131, 141, 135 CAO 100.5 and others pilloried by industry

Minister Chester becomes aviation minister

Not well received and acknowledges to ABC’s Fran Kelly that “…I really don’t understand aviation…”

Dick Smith abandons #aviation in Australia over bad regulation

Threatened for a long time to do this, but left an indelible mark by supporting #aopa in #australia.

Minister announces another inquiry into #aviation

Despite the successful #asrr Forsyth review, which is being pushed aside by #casa, Minister Chester goes for a new inquiry.

Maybe we just need David Forsyth back to properly implement the #asrr or go NOW for the #US-FAR’s

#casa announce another loss in operations in annual report

This loss by #casa is despite the over $27m/ year injection in 2010 by Wayne Swann

Pilot number fall revealed by #AOPA Australia

Serious fall in numbers of pilots and activities aviation. #casa tries to refute, but #aopa had used #casa official reports to show dramatic drops

No progress with Supreme Court appeal – #PelAir

Now February 2017 for decision

#MH370 search by #atsb – No results

Other people with aviation interests show progress, but not by #atsb

Interesting articles by Negroni and @mikechillit


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