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2015 – #casa scores 2/10 for it’s 10-commandments

The past 12-months have seen more of the same, with a few beams of sunshine, but principally more “…rain on the parade…”.

It’s not easy for a bureaucracy to evolve and learn something from it’s mistakes.

Michael Connelly in “The Narrows”

Mark Skidmore has been a real disappointment, with the “Ten-Commandments” showing that […]

Adjusting the 2015 Annual Report

With few apologies!!


2015 Annual Report rehash by #casa

The actual 2015 #casa annual report released

Is this a further case of #casa going the small fish (Flyers)??

A discussion on #pprune is worth repeating here, as it surrounds the recent matter in Tasmania, where #casa has put a case forward in the Tasmanian Magistrates Court of reckless flying, flying after drinking alcohol, unlicenced flying. The latest report has the pilot’s case being referred to the Tasmanian Supreme Court for a jury hearing.


Is #casa going forward under Skidmore??

Is #casa going forward under Skidmore??

The December monthly missive does not have much joy in a positive response to this assertion.

A reliance on more:

web based data; talk-fests; getting rid of the #ASRR matters

My view – more of the same, so it becomes essential to get together and #aopa’s Eureka project will […]

R22 mayhem caused by poor #casa investigations

Jack Pantovic got his day in court, with the AAT findings published on 18th December 2015.

[Update on 25th December 2015]

A casual conversation finds Jack [Jason Pantovic in the AAT] an R22 helicopter mustering pilot based just north of Mareeba, a bloke that works long hours and in a dangerous occupation.

The AAT […]

#casa loses 17, 371 pilots – The 2015 #casa annual report just does not add up!!

I have tracked #casa’s annual report for a several years [table collated below], particularly since when flying you notice less and less radio calls or [except for Virgin, QANTAS and Jetstar], less aircraft in the air.

In the published data, #casa show a major discrepancy in the numbers. Here we see, looking at 2011, a […]

#casa December Monthly Missive

I went reading the #casa annual report and although #casa and Mark Skidmore trumpet how they have reached “…magic millions…” with their publications, the truth is somewhat different.


On #casa numbers, there are 35, 000 pilots [but the table below, when combined with the medicals – shown below], just do not add […]

Project Eureka

AOPA – Australia


Pilot’s Bill of Rights passes Senate

This is a significant reform and improves the medical process, reducing compliance costs and giving a better “Right-to-Fly” to:

American Pilots!!

This is reform #casa and this is the type of way forward, where the aviation community would work with the regulator rather than the current #avmed fiasco.


Senate committee passes medical reform December […]

Another amazing statement by #casa and Mark Skidmore

Well Mr. Skidmore, I am amazed that you can say that you are listening to industry.

The aviation industry is angry at being ignored. The industry, in one of the best answered inquiries [David Forsyth’s ASRR] where there were over 260 individual submissions.

There have been many follow ups by industry bodies including AMROBA, AOPA, […]

Growing old is mandatory, But growing up is 100% optional

Growing old is mandatory, But growing up is 100% optional

#casa has another problem with regulation accuracy

The following appeared in my e-mail today [10/12/2015], with an effective time for comment of less than 14-days, due to most people either having a Xmas break or the general unavailability of staff to comment.

A quick read of this, particularly at para. 7 “….casa believes…” is nonsensical, as a corporate body has no way […]

#casa allegations against RAAUS pilot – already punished by RAAus

#casa allegations against RAAus pilot

A short investigation shows that Shayd Hector:

Was certificated by RAAus as a pilot; Did have an engine failure and was rescued; Already punished by RAAus with a lengthy suspension of his certificate.

Apparently, #casa lodged paperwork only a few days before the last possible day for action in the […]


Here is a puzzle for solution:

A series of posts on#pprune by poster “Man-the-Lifejackets”.

These are made by someone close to the matter and of course, the life-jackets were never sought by #atsb in the initial investigation by #atsb.

Lot’s of doubts about how #atsb investigated the #pelair ditching, the blame apportioned, the Chambers report […]

MetaData access by #casa – Why does #casa need to spy??

This is “…casa here – we want to help you….”

#casa [see below] has been given authority by the Attorney General to use metadata.

For us, poor old computer non-geeks, metadata is:

Telephone numbers The time and length of phone calls The internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) of computers from which messages are received or […]