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Is the main stream media taking a soft questioning role when #casa is involved??

A decent report into what is really going on in the aviation industry by the MSM [main stream media] is really required.

To accept a comment such as:

“……….fix regulatory changes that have upset sections of the industry………”

by Steve Creedy in Friday’s Australian is at best to belittle the strong protests throughout a combined […]

Mr. Skidmore, CASA CEO November report. A commentary

Mr. Skidmore, CASA CEO November report. A commentary by Sandy Reith

From CASA CEO Mr Skidmore, Nov 15

“Pilots with a current licence only need to undertake an aviation English language proficiency assessment if they want to use their Australian licence overseas. However, a current aviation assessment is needed before applying for any flight […]

Richard Green search pattern

The following is the Flight Radar search patterns to find Richard Green’s helicopter:


Full details on the incident are found here


#casa and the Skidmore missive for November

Time to come to grips with the real situation with aviation.

Here is a submission to the current Colmar Button survey:

Reply to “Colmar Button” survey 25th November 2015

casa is not listening.

I have been to three recent meetings [with casa people], not only did casa have the information incorrect, casa are coming for […]

#PelAir – 18th November 2009 – A short review

The sixth anniversary of the #pelair ditching has come and gone.


Ditching of Israel Aircraft Westwind 1124A aircraft, VH-NGA, 5 km SW of Norfolk Island Airport on 18 November 2009

No comment from #casa; Roger Chamber’s report still a very itchy scratch for the industry; A former #pelair Chief Pilot [John Wickham] becomes a […]

What is #casa’s involvement in the Goulburn Airport and the Parachute operation??

A sad accident occurred at Goulburn last Saturday [21st November 2015], which has been a concern of a number of people since the original approval in late 2010.

The following is from paperwork received by this reporter. It shows an attempt to properly involve the regulator [#casa] in how a Council approval occurred in very […]

Sad death at Goulburn – parachute operation

It is always sad when a death occurs – at Goulburn – parachute operation, reported in the Daily Telegraph attached below.

It does not report a number of “off-target” excursions while landing, the jumping through cloud, the near misses with aircraft over time. The most recent one which was reported to this reporter, as a […]

#casa and economic control of the aircraft industry

In 2012, the issue of casa and economic control of the aircraft industry was raised. Much of the concern, which was exposed by the Forsyth review [#asrr] completed by May 2013, which demonstrated that the regulator was not at all respected by the Australian aviation community.

The lack of trust continues today, as the new […]

Mt. Hotham incidents

#casa avsafety is currently doing a round-robin of lectures to pilots and others who turn up around Australia. There was a recent one in Cairns. This in part used an accident at Mt. Hotham to demonstrate bad piloting.


There have been a series of incidents at Mt. Hotham over the past few years, inculding […]

Is #casa emulating the improper NSW ICAC actions??

In NSW, the ICAC [NSW’s corruption watchdog] investigations have directed at evidence gathering with the Cuneen case, which showed improper collection and clear falsification of video evidence in the collection of a phone from Cuneen. This progressed to the High Court, with serious doubts being raised about evidence gathering.

The latest revelations go even further […]

Former #casa staffer vindicates Richard Green

The Australian story yesterday [11th November 2015] has had the front corrected with comments by former #casa executive, Greg Vaughn.

That #casa would allow material to be published by The Australian, which are directly against normal practice of investigations into aircraft accidents and determined by Annex 13 of the #ICAO procedures, is alarming.

It goes […]

#casa fiddles while Rome burns

That #casa thinks they can deal with the 1800-page debacle called part 61 with the following “action”, not only is lamentable, but demonstrates a regulator out of touch with the aviation industry.

The part is so far wrong that it refers to “operators”, whereas the part is for pilot training. It uses almost In the […]

Eurocopter down in Cessnock

#casa is again belittling pilots [Death of Richard Green on 7th November 2015] or those who cannot protect themselves. It is astonishing that this is happening again and supported by untrue allegations. [see letter below]

Ask Dominic James, who cannot get a job as #casa turns up with any prospective employers – #Pelair at Norfolk […]

#aopa – Marc de Stoop speaks

#aopa – Marc de Stoop speaks


Where to from here?? with #ozaviation

The question is getting louder and louder, with the representative organisations becoming more vocal.

During the #asrr review of David Forsyth, many of the alphabet soup organisations were vocal, but failed to call for specific inputs of regulations from overseas.

This is seen to change in the current press release, which gives a distinct “call-to-arms”:


Helicopter Industry calls it quits on assisting #casa cause more damage

AHIA Boss, Rob Rich and the helicopter industry have had enough according to today’s press release.

To: Helicopter Industry Colleagues,

It is time to take a stand against the unfair treatment of our industry by the Regulator and stop the distraction caused by the mismanaged regulatory reform process. To achieve this, we need to unite. […]

Unanswered letter to Mr. Truss

In July 2014, the following letter was written to Mr. Truss, when he was about to speak to the National Press Club.

Not only was there no proper mention of aviation, at all, except for the following:

But it also now allows the aviation, transport and tourism industries to make long-term investment plans based on […]

#casa fails to meet regulatory requirements of #ozaviation or the Australian Government

If you read the guidance document and the ten principles for Australian Government Policy Makers – #casa does not meet these at all.

#casa released it’s own 10-commandment set as well.

Question is, if that is the case, why has Minister Truss failed to stop the current situation and move #casa regulation forward to meet […]