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Dick Smith speaks up on #adsb and unjustified costs imposed by #casa

That #casa will not co-operate with the #ozaviation industry is deplorable. Dick Smith again takes the matter to the #casa Board. I have seen the results of #casa’s “…industry consultation….”, which is just telling the aviation industry, not listening, helping and moving forward with common goals.

That the new #casa CEO will not involve himself […]

#casa releases 2015 annual report

No fanfare at all, no press release, no Peter Gibson “press release” and #casa releases 2015 annual report on it’s web-site only.

Signed off by the Board on 1st October 2015, to the Minister.

Nothing in Parliament either.

No question time questions either.

Read the Annual Report of #casa. [broken up below into the sections]


#casa October missive from Skidmore

That there has been a serious review of #casa, which showed that there are old and existing problems in #casa by the #asrr [David Forsyth review] appears lost on Mark. The aviation industry cannot be taken down this track until #casa get’s on honestly with the issues raised by one of the most engaged reviews […]

PelAir – Wikipedia entry

The #asrr report, the senate investigation, best summed up as a bungled report:


Now a new investigation by#atsb, with aircraft to be finally raised in November 2015, following the CTSB [Canadian ATB] non-complementary report.


The 2009 Pel-Air Westwind ditching, Norfolk Island ditching or CareFlight ditching was an aircraft accident on 18 November 2009 […]

How did #turnbull make the change from #abbott happen??

Background to #turnbull and the question is “How does it change #ozaviation??”

Taking down Tony Abbott: how Malcolm Turnbull staged a coup The Australian October 20, 2015 12:00AM Pamela Williams Investigative journalist Sydney

Malcolm Turnbull in the silver Volvo stationwagon he drove to the secret meeting the night before the coup. Picture: Gary […]

#atsb at October 2015 Senate estimates

The rabbit in the spotlight – Martin Dolan [#atsb at October 2015 Senate estimates] who was trying to prove the #pelair re-investigation. Dolan admits that #atsb did not ully and properly investigate the #pelair investigation.

Senator Fawcett ursued the serious failure by Dolan and #atsb to properly investigate the #pelair matter.

I will post the […]

#FAA releases AD for PA-28 aircraft with no #casa oversight

#casa releases AD for PA-28 aircraft [#casa – AD/PA-28/-2015-20-13], which is a FAA AD [http://vocasupport.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/AD-PA-28-2015-20-13.pdf].

That’s OK under the “Country of Origin” basis and #casa said they would not be issuing unique AD’s. In fact a large number of unique AD’s have been cancelled.


It escapes me how #casa can release an AD […]

Malcolm Turnbull – A few pertinent #ozaviation questions

With apologies to AuntyPru, as this is a reminder as to how questions asked that lead to a similar end as the questions below never get answered by #casa. That #casa, #asa, #atsb refuse to have QON’s in on time shows the degree to which these organisations thumb their nose at proper governance by the […]

Senate – Supplementary Estimates – Monday 19 October 2015

The October estimates in which Senator Heffernan asks #casa, #asa, #atsb and others serious questions is on next Monday.

May estimates reference.

The QON, which were due in July surfaced today and are below:







Some good breakdown of estimates is here:


And the other tabled documents from the […]

#casa ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner] appointed

That there has been trouble in the #casa camp has been long known, not aided by the rumours of an inappropriate relationship between the previous #casa CEO and the incumbent ICC at the time, Elizabeth Hampton. These relationships explain to a large degree why complaints “died” when made to #casa.

There are many examples, where […]

Farnborough to Australia tour commences

A full story appears here.


Tracey Curtis-Taylor starts 13,000 mile journey from Farnborough

Tracey Curtis-Taylor today departed Farnborough Airport in her classic 1942 Boeing Stearman Spirit of Artemis heading for Sydney, Australia. The intrepid British aviator’s expedition will include 50 legs as she crosses 23 […]

#casa and #avmed concerns of disclosure

The effects of non-disclosure are the potential missing of a safety related problem. The #atsb RepCon area has reported major reductions in voluntary disclosure by pilots and others in the #ozaviation area.

This has been at the same time as increasing pressures from the regulator #casa and increasing penal/ fine conditions promulgated by #casa in […]

#casa’s 10-steps of philosophy

#casa’s 10-steps of philosophy

Mark Skidmore released these “commandments” to the industry on the 23rd September 2015.

I have taken a while to upload these as there are so many “…if, but ……” and “…..protect #casa…..” wheeled into a thoroughly “….legalese document….” that most of #ozaviation will say are just there to protect the regulator. […]